Quality Education Policy

The main objective of OMSU in the matters of quality – promotion of the competitive positions of the university in the market of the academic services, development of scientific, investigative and innovational activities, meeting the requirements of the interested parties based on the permanent quality improvement in all the directions of its activities.

Priorities in the Matters of the Quality Education Policy of the University:
  • development of the quality system Based on the recognized models of quality control for education and recommended standards ISO9000 and ENQA;
  • enhancement of the structure and content of the academic programmes in frames of the multilevel system of the professional education;
  • raising quality of the methodical and academic, material and technical, informational and professional facilitating of the academic process;
  • active implementation of the innovational methods of teaching and the students' knowledge control techniques;
  • mutually beneficial cooperation with the Russian and foreign academic bodies ensuring deep confidence between the University and its partners;
  • development of the academic environment directed at the creative self-realization of the person bearing responsibility, civic self-conscience and requirement in permanent education during the life period.
Realisation of the quality policy is based on the following principles:
  • fundamental training and balanced development of the students' personality;
  • integration of the academic process with the modern scientific research;
  • orientation on the current and prospective demand of the labor market;
  • leadership and personal responsibility of the University top managers, firm and clear understanding of the competence and responsibility in the matters of quality among the university staff;
  • motivation and encouragement of the University tutors and the collaborates showing mastership, professionalism and devotement to the work;
  • involvement of the students in the activities and projects directed to the improvement of the quality of the education;
  • application of the modern methods and instruments for the quality management to develop the subdivisions activities and the University processes;
  • regular actualization of the Quality Policy on the base of the most contemporary changes of the requirements from the side of all possible bodies interested in the quality of the University academic activities.
The top management of the University takes all the responsibility and is liable for the substantial conditions created for effective realization of the Quality Policy at any level of the University operation.