Chair of heat-power systems


Head of academic сhairAlexey P. Levtsev

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Dept. of thermal power systems established in March 26, 1998 at the Department of energy production facilities in connection with the opening of a specialty 140106 - "Energy supply companies." The Department is issuing for this specialty. In addition, teachers of the department read the subject "Heat", "Energy saving production processes of agricultural products" from other specialties of the Institute of Mechanics and Energy.

Department of energy production facilities at various times headed: Boris Baurin Ph.D., Associate Professor (1987-1989 g), Nikolay S. Larin, Ph.D., Associate Professor (1989-1990 g), Gennady Shurupov Ph.D., Associate Professor ( 1990-1994 g), Anatoly S. Ivantsov candidate Frank-m.nauk, Associate Professor (1995-1998 g). From 1998 to the present time the department headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Alexey Pavlovich Levtsov.

Currently the department has one doctor, seven candidates, including 5 professors, 3 senior lecturers and 2 teachers. Every year in graduate school at the department are trained two full-time graduate study and one applicant. Since the creation of the Department reserved 1 and 3 doctoral theses. The Department, in collaboration with the departments of electrification and automation, mobile power tools, farm machinery, automation, takes part in Russian and national grants to the problem of increasing the energy efficiency of mobile and stationary units and installations. Employees of the department received 11 patents and 5 certificates of the official registration of the computer. They annually take part in national and international scientific conferences and seminars. In addition to one every three years organized conferences at the Department. At the Department of close ties with Russia's leading centers in the field of Energy (Moscow, Ivanovo and the Kazan State Power Engineering University, Moscow State University named after VP agroengineering Goryachkina, Nizhny Novgorod Technical University).