Chair of Life Safety


Head of academic сhairAnatoly P. Saveliev

Phone: +7 8342 254081

Focus on safety at work was the basis for the creation in 1984 in Mordovia State University named after NP Ogarev Department of Labor. In 1992, the curriculum of Moscow State University. NP Ogarev discipline was included: "Health and Safety". At the department functioning Mordovian branch of the International Academy of Sciences and of Ecology and Life, Centre for Fire propaganda and public relations EMERCOM (branch of the department) and the self-financing: Regional Centre for Labour, the certification body of work on health and safety in organizations, testing laboratory hazardous and harmful production factors. In the teaching and research activities of the Department staff based on the provisions of the ever-increasing role of the security issues in vocational education. The department has 14 teachers, 2 of Doctor of Technical Sciences - AP Saveliev, SV Glotov, 5 candidates of sciences - II Igaykina, NA Minkov, ET Makarov, SV Kalachin, VS Basyrov. The teaching staff provides an educational process for the following courses: "Health and Safety", "Security in the industry", "Ecology in the industry." Employees of the department trained 28 teaching and 15 manuals (3 of them stamped EMA), which are used in the classroom. Training of scientists conducted on three specialties: 052601 "Labour Protection" 052003 "Technology and maintenance facilities in the s / s" 052 001 "Technology and mechanization with / x." As a result of the research and innovation department of honorary diplomas of the University for the 3rd place (2003), 2nd (2004), 1st place (2005). Received diplomas International Exhibition on Occupational Safety (Moscow, 2004) and the National Forum "Education Week - 2005".