Chair of processing of agricultural production


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In 1975, at the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization was formed Department of mechanization and automation of animal production units, led by PhD YA Vantyusov. In 1983, the department was reorganized into the Department of electrification and automation of agricultural production. Three years later, was organized by the Department of Livestock mechanization, led by PhD, Associate Professor I. Boshin (1986 - 1991). In connection with the opening of the University of specialties "Biotechnology" and "The mechanization of agricultural products" department was renamed first in the department of "Mechanization of livestock and agricultural products" (Head of Ph.D., associate professor Lafutkin VI (1989-1999) and in 1998, she received the current name, and it was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor AV Kotin. Currently, the department taught the following subjects: "Mechanization of livestock" "The processes and apparatus of processing processes" "Technological equipment for the processing of animal products," "Processing equipment for crop production" "Hardware and automation of food production" "Design and Equipment biotech companies" "Refrigeration and Air-" "Installation, maintenance and repair of processing industries', "Fundamentals of machine design and apparatus processing industries', "Fundamentals of the design and construction of processing enterprises."