Chair of mechanisms and machines construction

Head of academic сhairNikolay I. Naumkin

To strengthen technical training of students through the integration of knowledge on General subjects in April 1999, on the initiative of Professor P. V. Senina established the Department of design basics of mechanisms and machines. He also became its first head, in charge of the Department until 2007 and making an invaluable contribution to its formation and the origin of its traditions (currently P. V. Senin holds the position of Vice-rector for scientific work of the University and head of chair of machines technical service).

At that time, the Department employs 10 teachers, including 1 doctor of technical Sciences, 7 candidates of Sciences and associate professors, 2 teachers and 6 education support staff. They carried out teaching of students in the following disciplines: "Metrology, standardization and qualimetry", "Theory of mechanisms and machines", "Hydraulics and dredging of agricultural processes", "machine elements and lifting-and-conveying machines", "Applied mechanics", "fundamentals of engineering creativity", "Technical mechanics". The Department consisted of 4 training laboratory: theory of machines and mechanisms, hydraulics, Metrology and standardization, machine parts, equipped with all the necessary training equipment.

From 2007 to present, head of the Department is doctor of pedagogical Sciences, candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor N. I. Naumkin.

Jointly with the Department of agricultural machinery in 2009 was created the Interdepartmental research laboratory of experimental of simulation in machine technology in agriculture in 2011 was established the laboratory of technical training in 2015 – a Centre of design and rapid prototyping "rapid Pro".

currently, the Department's 11 faculty members, including 2 doctors of Sciences, 7 associate professors and candidates of science teacher, 6 teaching and support staff. Professor A. A. artushin is a corresponding Member. Russian Academy of agricultural Sciences.

the Department provides General technical and innovative preparation of students majoring in "agro engineering", "thermal Engineering", "energy Supply companies", "Technosphere safety", "Biotechnology", "Exploitation of transport and technological machines and complexes". Provides an educational process for the disciplines: "Theory of mechanisms and machines", "machine Parts and design principles", "Hydraulics", "hydraulic and pneumatic actuator", "Dynamics", "Mechanics", "Technical mechanics", "fundamentals of innovative engineering activities", "Methodology of scientific work", "Theory and methodology of teaching technical disciplines, Technology and tools for rapid prototyping in mechanical engineering", etc. the Department also organizes and supervises externship students and the educational practices of undergraduates. Annually the Department takes from 10 to 15 graduate students of day and correspondence forms of education.

the Department had carried out much work on educational re-educational process for all readable disciplines regularly processed educational-methodical complexes, published 7 textbooks stamped UMO, more than 30 textbooks, 24 of them were classified by EMA and more than 30 educational-methodical instructions.

the Department systematically worked on the development of the introduction in educational process of innovative pedagogical technologies. In particular, it introduced: a methodical system of learning of innovative engineering, methodical system of formation competence in innovative engineering activities in teaching discipline HIUS, a method of learning in a team, business game "the Firm" and "Firm-2", a modular competency-based learning, innovative learning methods etc.

the Department designed and implemented educational programs for such disciplines as "fundamentals of engineering creativity and patenting", "fundamentals of innovative engineering activities" and educational programmes for additional training: "Management of innovative engineering activity, Applying the methods of experimental research of mechanical systems in innovative teaching", "Organization of innovative engineering activity in the conditions of high-tech enterprises", etc.

According to the results of international, national and University competitions textbooks and manuals, the Department has repeatedly been the winner. Proposed by the Department of education services for the population: "Training to innovative engineering activities through the design of special courses, Design and writing of textbooks and manuals of technical disciplines for higher and secondary professional educational institutions" and "Organization and conduct of national student contests" became Winners of Republican and all-Russian stage of the competition "100 best goods of Russia".

these developments are actively used in educational process during the leadthrough of laboratory practical classes, course design in the disciplines read at the Department in Moscow state University. Ogarev, and in other universities of the Russian Federation (Samara state Academy of Railways, Samara state agricultural Academy, Izhevsk state agricultural Academy, Mari state technical University, Bashkir state agrarian University, etc.).

According to the results of educational and methodical work of the Department, Professor N. P. Paccino was awarded the title "Honored worker of higher school of the RM", professors V. F. Kupryashin (2003) and N. Vladimir Rakov (2004) were the winners of the University contest "teacher of the year", associate professors N. I. Naumkin (2005) and V. F. Kupryashin (2014) - "Associate of the year".

the research work of the Department is performed in the following directions: 1) formation of students of technical universities of competence in innovative engineering activities; 2) improving the functioning of the self-propelled small-sized tillage machines. This study is carried out in the following forms: state budget research in the framework of doctoral studies and postgraduate studies, individual plans of teachers; state budget research in the framework of the state assignment of the Russian Federation Ministry of education and research; contract research; grants. The annual volume of these works is from 400 000 to 1 500 000 rubles. To them are widely involved faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. During the existence of the Department they published 12 books, published over 500 scientific articles in various publications including foreign (over 20), the journals of VAK list (over 20) and the Central editions. Members of the Department are actively engaged in patent work, to date, received more than 35 patents for inventions and utility models.

the Department operates postgraduate and doctoral studies with a total of 6 graduate students and 1 doctoral student. Over the years the Department, its employees defended 2 doctoral dissertations (P. V. Senin and N. And. Naumkin) and 10 PhD theses (A. N. Lomakin, E. A. Kilmartin, M. V. Vlasov, N. V. Rakov, S. N. Dodonov, A. V. Smolyanov, E. P. Grosheva, V. F. Kupreskic, Seksjaeva N. N., Bezrukov A.V.). Especially successfully the Department has conducted student scientific activity: functions of SKB "Master" and 4 science club. The Department has repeatedly organized and conducted the all-Russian student Olympiad in the specialty "Mechanization of agriculture" (2001 – 2016) and the final III-round of all-Russia student Olympiad on theory of mechanisms and machines (2002 – 2006). The Department organized and conducted field research summer school students, graduate students, young scientists and teachers (2001 – 2013). The results of such activities trained 11 students – Winners of the Award of the President of the Russian Federation under the program of support of talented youth.

Employees of the Department repeatedly became winners of competitions of various levels: the national "engineer of the year" (N. I. Naumkin, D. A. Panin, V. F. Kupreskic, Smolyakov A. V., Knyazkov S. A., Bezrukov A. V.), U. M. N. And.To. (Kniazkov A. S.); the Republican: "the Best invention of the year" (N.And. Naumkin, V. F. Kupreskic, A. V. Bezrukov); Naumkina N. And. honorary title "Honored worker of science and education HEAVEN" (2012) and "Honored worker of science of the Republic of Mordovia (2014)", Kupryashkina V. F. (2012), Grosheva E. P. (2013), and Patkina N. P. (2014) – "the Honored worker of science and education HEAVEN", Naumkin N. And. and Kuraskin VF – Ogarevsky became winners of the award (2014). Naumkin N. And. is a corresponding Member. HEAVEN and a member of the international Academy of natural Sciences, Kupreskic V. F., Grosheva E. P. Pyatkin N. P. – professors, honorary doctors of Sciences RAE and members of the international Academy of natural history.

the Natural result of the fruitful creative scientific methodical and educational work of the Department was awarded it in 2012 with the diploma "Golden chair of Russia".