Chair of machines technical service


Head of academic сhairPetr V. Senin

Deputy head of academic chairPavel A. Ionov

The department was organized in 1962. Its first head was a lecturer Nicholas Evgrafovich Furchikov (1962 - 1973 years). From 1973 to 1978 he headed the Department, PhD, Associate Professor Fedor Zakharov Aluev. From 1978 to 2005 headed the Department Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Peter Lezin. From 1962 to 1999, Department called "Metal processing and repair of vehicles." In 1999, the department was reorganized into the Department of "Technical service machines." In 1962, the department worked 6 teachers, 3 educational master operated two training laboratories. For 42 years of the Department has done a difficult way of formation and development. Currently, the Department has 22 people of the faculty, including six doctors and 12 candidates of science, as well as 7 people educational support personnel, two doctorates, 12 graduate students. Teachers of the department are read courses for students of the following specialties: 110304 - "Technology maintenance and repair of machinery in agriculture", 110,301 - "Agricultural Engineering" 110303 - "Mechanization of agricultural products," 140106 - "Energy supply companies," 070100 - "Biotechnology ". At the department there are 10 laboratories that are equipped with necessary equipment and teaching materials. During the sessions, a variety of technical training. At the Department actively works council for doctoral and master's theses in 052,003 "Technologies and maintenance services in agriculture." Scientific activity carried out in two main areas: - "Development and implementation of methods to ensure the reliability of agricultural machinery during its repair." The leaders of the scientific school of Professor PP Lezin, Professor PV Senin. - "Development and implementation of new, energy-and resource-saving technologies for repair of domestic and foreign agricultural equipment." Head of Research School Professor FH Burumkulov. In fulfillment of the priority directions of science, technology and engineering, approved by the President of the Russian Federation, in 2001, the Institute of Mechanics and Energy at the Department together with the laboratory № 11 GNU GOSNITI Agricultural created an educational, research and production center. Center Director - Honoured Scientist of the Republic of Moldova, Ph.D., Professor PV Senin, scientific director - Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor FH Burumkulov The center includes a research laboratory and research and production site where 5 doctors and 10 candidates of sciences, 8 graduate students and engineers. Center develops and implements new high-tech, energy-saving technologies and repair of units of agricultural machinery. With the support of management MSU. NP Ogarev research laboratory center is equipped with unique modern equipment that allows to solve complex research problems. In recent years the laboratory has developed a number of energy-saving technologies of restoration and strengthening of worn parts by electrical discharge machines, technology repair valves, turbochargers, rotor, gear and axial piston pumps, the GTS. Scientific research center of world standard and existing standards, such as the technological and environmental criteria. Analogues of the proposed method of recovery in Russia and abroad, does not exist. On scientific and production site are processed modern technology of repair and strengthening of details, after which they are implemented in real repair manufacture. The above-mentioned technologies were introduced: in training, research and production center of the Institute of Mechanics and Energy, Moscow State University. NP Ogarev Velsky to repair mechanical plant of the Arkhangelsk region, agricultural machinery KOLCHUGINO Vladimir region, Yaroslavl RTP and JSC "Nekrasovskagropromtehsnab" Yaroslavl region, TRS 989 Ryazan region, SUE "Far East Plant" Star "of Primorye, the Moscow Metro, a bakery in Moscow and Moscow region OJSC "Grachevsky plant" hydro unit "of Stavropol Territory and other enterprises of Russia. In recent years, the department and UNPTS protected by more than 30 master's and doctoral theses, published 10 monographs, 12 collections of scientific works were 5 Russian and international scientific conferences. The department works closely with leading universities and research institutes in Russia. Advanced technologies developed by the Department awarded a diploma and a gold medal V-spring agricultural exhibition "Rosagro-2005" in Moscow, the diploma and the medal of the exhibition-demonstration "Russian Field Day-2005" in the city of Ryazan, "Russian Field Day 2006 "in Saransk, III degree diploma and a bronze medal 7th Russian Agricultural Exhibition" Golden Autumn-2005 "in Moscow, II degree diploma and a silver medal 8th Russian Agricultural Exhibition" Golden Autumn-2006 ". The developed technology of repair observed in the competition "100 best goods and services of Mordovia and Russia" and entered the Russian catalog of promotional items. Employees of the Department repeatedly awarded honors as the 2005 winner of the competition "Engineer of the Year" is a candidate of technical sciences, SA Velichko. In 2006, the winner of this award was the candidate of technical sciences, PA Ions. Besides teachers of the department became laureates of "Teacher of the Year" and "High Quality". In operation, and development of the department is constantly growing and improving its material and technical base. All innovations contribute to the effective conduct of the educational process and the implementation of research activities.