Chair of electrification and automation of production


Head of academic сhairVadim A. Ageev

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The story begins with the department in 1976, since renamed the Department of machine parts and the theory of mechanisms and machines in the department of mechanization and automation of livestock farms. Head of the Department was Ph.D., Associate Professor Vantyusov Y. In 1995 at the Department of mechanization and automation of animal production units was created Department of electrification and automation of agricultural production. He headed the department continues to Vantyusov Yu, now a Ph.D., Professor. Since 1998 the department was renamed the Department of electrification and automation of production. In December 2010 the head of the department is Ph.D., Associate Professor Ageev V.A.

Currently, the department has a doctor of technical sciences, professor, 6 associate professors, 5 of them PhDs, a senior teacher and 2 teacher.

In 1995, the Head of Department Professor Vantyusov Y. organized the opening of the Mordovia State University majoring "Energy supply companies." The Department is issuing in this specialty, and provides classes in the following general professional and special disciplines: management, certification and Innovation, high voltage equipment, electricity and electric companies, electric machines and apparatus, power electronics, automation of power systems, electrical equipment, information technology, simulation of power systems, electrical networks and systems, alternative and renewable energy sources, etc.

In addition, students with majors "Agricultural Engineering", "Maintenance and repair of machinery", "Mechanization of agricultural products processing," "Fire Safety" and "protection in emergency situations," the department staff conducted classes in the following disciplines: automation, electrical and electronics, electrical equipment and electric.

In connection with the transition to a two-level training on the GEF-3 department is issuing the directions 140 100 "Thermal Engineering and Heat Engineering" and 140,400 "Power and Electrical Engineering." Teachers of the department is actively working to prepare teaching materials for the subjects of new directions.

During his time employees of the Department issued three manuals with the stamp of EMA. Annually publishes manuals and guidelines for readable disciplines.

Department's scientific interests of researchers associated with the development of energy-saving systems and technologies. In this direction the institute three defended doctoral dissertations. After graduate studies at the department were protected two master's theses. Currently in graduate school studying at the department of two full-time graduate study and a competitor.
Employees of the department received nine patents for inventions and utility models.

The department provides the following specialized laboratory electricity, electric, electrical machinery and apparatus, electrical equipment and automation, the theoretical foundations of electrical engineering, high voltage engineering, electrical materials, alternative and renewable sources of energy, automation, power systems, Production of electrical equipment.