Институт механики и энергетики

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Focus on safety at work was the basis for the creation in 1984 in Mordovia State University named after NP Ogarev Department of Labor. In 1992, the curriculum of Moscow State University. NP Ogarev discipline was included: "Health and Safety".  At the department functioning Mordovian branch of the International Academy of Sciences and of Ecology and Life, Centre for Fire propaganda and public relations EMERCOM (branch of the department) and the self-financing: Regional Centre for Labour, the certification body of work on health and safety in organizations, testing laboratory hazardous and harmful production factors.

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In 1975, at the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization was formed Department of mechanization and automation of animal production units, led by PhD YA Vantyusov.  In 1983, the department was reorganized into the Department of electrification and automation of agricultural production. Three years later, was organized by the Department of Livestock mechanization, led by PhD, Associate Professor I. Boshin (1986 - 1991).  In connection with the opening of the University of specialties "Biotechnology" and "The mechanization of agricultural products" department was renamed first in the department of "Mechanization of livestock and agricultural products" (Head of Ph.D., associate professor Lafutkin VI (1989-1999) and in 1998, she received the current name, and it was headed by doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor AV Kotin.

Head of academic сhairVladimir F. Kupryashkin

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Head of academic сhairNikolay I. Naumkin

To strengthen technical training of students through the integration of knowledge on General subjects in April 1999, on the initiative of Professor P. V. Senina established the Department of design basics of mechanisms and machines. He also became its first head, in charge of the Department until 2007 and making an invaluable contribution to its formation and the origin of its traditions (currently P. V. Senin holds the position of Vice-rector for scientific work of the University and head of chair of machines technical service).

Head of academic сhairPetr V. Senin

Deputy head of academic chairPavel A. Ionov

The department was organized in 1962. Its first head was a lecturer Nicholas Evgrafovich Furchikov (1962 - 1973 years). From 1973 to 1978 he headed the Department, PhD, Associate Professor Fedor Zakharov Aluev. From 1978 to 2005 headed the Department Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Peter Lezin. From 1962 to 1999, Department called "Metal processing and repair of vehicles." In 1999, the department was reorganized into the Department of "Technical service machines."In 1962, the department worked 6 teachers, 3 educational master operated two training laboratories.For 42 years of the Department has done a difficult way of formation and development. Currently, the Department has 22 people of the faculty, including six doctors and 12 candidates of science, as well as 7 people educational support personnel, two doctorates, 12 graduate students. Teachers of the department are read courses for students of the following specialties: 110304 - "Technology maintenance and repair of machinery in agriculture", 110,301 - "Agricultural Engineering" 110303 - "Mechanization of agricultural products," 140106 - "Energy supply companies," 070100 - "Biotechnology ".

Head of academic сhairAlexey P. Levtsev

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Dept. of thermal power systems established in March 26, 1998 at the Department of energy production facilities in connection with the opening of a specialty 140106 - "Energy supply companies." The Department is issuing for this specialty. In addition, teachers of the department read the subject "Heat", "Energy saving production processes of agricultural products" from other specialties of the Institute of Mechanics and Energy.

Head of academic сhairVadim A. Ageev

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The story begins with the department in 1976, since renamed the Department of machine parts and the theory of mechanisms and machines in the department of mechanization and automation of livestock farms. Head of the Department was Ph.D., Associate Professor Vantyusov Y. In 1995 at the Department of mechanization and automation of animal production units was created Department of electrification and automation of agricultural production. He headed the department continues to Vantyusov Yu, now a Ph.D., Professor. Since 1998 the department was renamed the Department of electrification and automation of production. In December 2010 the head of the department is Ph.D., Associate Professor Ageev V.A.

The Department is issuing the specialty "Electric Power Supply Enterprises" and ensures training on general and special subjects.

Currently, the department has a doctor of technical sciences, professor, 6 associate professors, 5 of them PhDs, a senior teacher and 2 teacher.