Mechanics and Power Engineering Institute

Acting directorEvgeny A. Nuyanzin


As part of the agricultural faculty in 1957, the specialty "The mechanization of agriculture." In 1962 the first graduates of Mechanical Engineers, and in the same year was formed Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization (Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the RSFSR № 661 of 20 September 1962..) at the time of its establishment, the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization could boast of four departments:

  • agricultural machinery (head Pilipko DS);
  • tractors and motor vehicles (head Belov VI);
  • parts of machines and TMM (head Makarov VN);
  • technology and repair of vehicles (head Furchikov NE).

    Пилипко Д.С.

    М. С. Колыванчиков

    DS Pilipko - the first Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization, k.s.n., Associate Professor

    MS Kolyvanchikov - Dean of the Faculty from 1969 to 1975, Associate Professor

The newly formed division of the university was intended to prepare the mechanical engineers in the specialty 1509 - "The mechanization of agriculture," and was located in academic buildings № 4 (street Sovetskaya, 24) and number 5 (street Volodarsky, 5). 

 In a year working at the faculty of 36 teachers, of which 6 people have academic degrees and titles. The total area occupied by laboratories amounted to 653 m2, which was 1.2 m 2 per student. The first dean was appointed as the candidate of agricultural sciences, assistant professor Pilipko DS, who has worked in this capacity until 1969. In subsequent years, the deans of faculty work: Associate Kolyvanchikov MS (1969 - 1975), Ph.D., professor Leschankin AI (1975-1979), Ph.D., associate professor Konakov V. (1979 -1991). Since 1991, the faculty and the Institute is headed by Prof. Senin PV

Over 38 years of existence, the Faculty has come a long way to the formation and development. During these years, released 4800 Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers in 1500, 300 Power Engineers. During this period formed the faculty primarily from among the graduates, of which there are 8 doctors and professors and 42 candidates of sciences, and had taken steps to improve the practical training of experts produced, for which the faculty has 30 tractors of all classes, 20 grain and other harvesters, and 15 special education vehicles.

In 1977, the fields of the republic came first student mechanized units, which approved a school of excellence and patriotic education. Student teams of machine 5 times awarded the challenge Red Banner of the Council of Ministers and MASSR OK Komsomol, and the commander of the "Field" - a student Shchukin, NN became a Knight of the Order "Badge of Honor."

In subsequent years, is constantly evolving material and technical base and improved the structure of the department. In 1979, construction began on a new building, which in 1986 began the new academic year the Faculty of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture (the effective area of ​​8.0 thousand m2 and 16 m2 per student). Were subsequently put into operation the following objects: a dining room for 220 seats, summer stadium, training ground, first and foremost a hostel for 640 people.

А.И. Лещанкин


AI Leschankin - Dean of the Faculty from 1975 to 1979,  Ph.D., professor

VV Konakov - Dean of the Faculty from 1979 to 1991, Ph.D., Associate Professor

In 1982, a new specialty 3114 - "Electrification and Automation of Agriculture," with the reception of 50 people per day, and correspondence courses.

In 1987, the department moves to target training for the national economy under direct contracts.

Since 1989, the faculty works of seven departments:

  • metal technology and repair of vehicles;
  • operation of machines and tractors;
  • agricultural machinery;
  • life safety;
  • mechanization of animal husbandry and processing agricultural products;
  • electrification and automation of agricultural production;
  • energy production facilities.

Since 1991, the Department is working in the Agricultural and Industrial Institute of the University.

In 1993, the specialty 3115 - "The mechanization of processing agricultural products respectively," and the Chair of the mechanization of food processing plant.

In 1995, the specialty 140 106 - "Power supply for enterprises."

In 1996 at the Faculty of the Institute of Mechanics and Energy and the specialty 230100 - "Service and maintenance of vehicles and those technologically machinery and equipment."

In 1999 organized the new department - "Design Basics mechanisms and machines." In the same year on the basis of PMM production unit created machine-technological stations "Mechanic."

In 2000, a new specialty 311 900 - "The technology of maintenance and repair of machinery of agriculture."