Agriculture Institute


DirectorYuri N. Prytkov

Institute of Agriculture’s history began in 1931 simultaneously with Mordovia Teachers’ Training Agro-Institute. It is only in 1957 when Agro-Institute was granted a University Status the Institute’s academic curricula and syllabi had been given a new impetus, revision and update.

Today Institute of Agriculture represents an independent structural division as part of Ogarev Mordovia State University, preparing highly qualified specialists for agrarian sector of economy in the Republic of Mordovia and Russian Federation.

Preparation of specialists is conducted in four specialities:

  • Agronomy (qualification “Scientist-Agronomist” and “Bachelor of Agriculture”)
  • Zootechnics (qualification “Zooengineer” and “Bachelor of Agriculture”),
  • Veterinary Science (qualification “Veterinarian”)
  • Technology of Agricultural Production and Сrop Processing (qualification “Technologist of Agricultural Production”)

The Institute has necessary educational, scientific and material resources in order to offer competitive learning environment. The Institute is situated in a separate building with modern laboratories and lecture halls.

There are five computer classes, a Soil Science Museum, Anatomic and Patho-anatomical Museums, Veterinary Clinic, library with the subscription and a reading room, a sports gym, an assembly hall, a dining room, a hostel at the disposal of students.

The Institute structure includes six chairs of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Agriculture; Zootechnics; Veterinary Pathology; Morphology and Animal Physiology; Technology of Agricultural Production and Processing of Livestock-breeding Output, Technology of Agricultural Production and Processing of Crop Output, scientific research Institute “Agrocomplex”, and test laboratory of biological objects’ quality, feeding of agricultural animals and poultry, study farm.

The Institute has highly-skilled personnel: among 74 teachers of Institute 25 are Doctors of Science, Professors and 49 persons have the degree Kandidat Nauk (PhD 1 level).

Scientific schools recognized in Russia work here. Functioning of three Dissertation boards of Doctorskaya and Kandidatskaya theses (further 3 years within the chosen field of study and thesis defended upon completion of a graduate study period) serves as a proof of this fact. For graduates of the Institute who decided to devote themselves to scientific work there is a post-graduate course, doctoral studies and correspondence post-graduate course on all specialties of agrarian field of knowledge.

Students pass an industrial practice in the best agricultural enterprises of Republic Mordovia, many post-graduate students and teachers conduct scientific research on this basis. Since 2000 the most prepared (especially on German language) students do practical work on the program “LOGO” (Germany). Since 2001 the departure of students for practice with the help of government in Republic Mordovia and Germany is organised, and since 2006 students had one more possibility of practice abroad on the program «APOLLO» (Germany). In total more than 70 students have passed industrial practice abroad. Since 2005 4th and 5th year students of Agrarian institute of all specialties have courses of practical training at the Centre for practical training of specialists in Agriculture Republic Mordovia. They master practical skills applying theoretical knowledge that was received during studies.

Agrarian Institute has developed strong communications with leaders of higher agricultural establishments of Russia and leading research Institutes:

  • Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academy,
  • Skryabin Moscow Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology,
  • Pryanishnikov Research Institute of Agrochemistry,
  • Research Institute of Animal Husbandry, Research Institute of Breeding, etc.

At present over 1000 students are trained full-time and have correspondence courses at Institute.

Over 2500 experts in the field of agriculture have been prepared during years of Institute’s functioning. They successfully work in leading farms of Republic Mordovia and other farms, for example in public corporation “Norov”, “Verhisky”, State Unitary Enterprise of Republic Mordovia “Teplichnoe”, in meat and dairy processing enterprises such as Joint-Stock Company “Talina” and public corporation “Agrofirm Octyabrskaya”.

The Institute is proud of graduates who increase greatly its honour and glory by their work. Among them:

I.S. Andin – director of public corporation “Agrofirm Octyabrskaya”, Doctor of Agricultural Science, Professor;

I.M. Dunin – academician of Russian Academy of Agrarian Science, director of “All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Breeding Business”;

V.A. Kazeev – Minister of Labour and Social Protection of population of Republic Mordovia;

I.F. Aluev – honoured worker of agriculture, the gentleman of two awards of V.I. Lenin;

A.M. Guryanov – director of Mordovia Affiliated branch of Russian Agricultural Academy, Doctor of Science, Professor;

A.I. Baltsanov – manager of Privolzhsky laboratory of cattle breeding, Doctor of Science, Professor;

V.A. Epishin – director general of Open Company “Martadel”, the winner of Russian Federation Award of Government, Doctor of Science, Professor;

A.M. Zhivaev – director of State Unitary Enterprise “Teplichnoye” in Republic Mordovia;

N.A. Surkov – chairman of the council of deputies of Ljambirsky municipal area in Republic Mordovia, chairman of collective farm Nikolaevsky, the Winner of the State Award of Republic Mordovia, the Honoured worker of agriculture in Republic Mordovia.