Institute of National and Folk Culture


DirectorSvetlana A. Isaeva


The faculty of the national culture was created in 1991 and in 2006 was reorganized into the Institute of National Culture (INC).
The Institute is aimed at the revival, preservation and development in modern society the spiritual traditions of the peoples of Russia, a multi-ethnic cultural identities effects of Mordovia, the establishment of closer international cooperation in the field of arts and education.

During its existence the Institute has grown into a real cultural center, equipped with specialized workshops, training and creative labs, computer labs with Internet access. During these years, the department and specialty expanded, changed their names, but left unchanged the appointment of the Institute - training the intellectually developed, creatively and professionally trained to work the actors, librarians, bibliographers and technology of automatic infor-mation resources, designers, conductors and singers, culture, managers studio arts and crafts, advertising specialists, choreographers.

Institute graduates in demand in the labor market of the republic and beyond its borders: in the archives, libraries, theaters, art groups, a philharmonic, advertising agencies, media, educational institutions. Among them are the heads of cultural institutions. Many have become laureates of State Prize of RM and RM Head Award.