Physics and Chemistry Institute


DirectorKonstantin N. Nischev


Institute of Physics and Chemistry.

Institute of Physics and Chemistry (IPC) was found in 1994 on the basis of two original departments initially set up in Mordovian State University in 1970 – Department of Physics and in 1974 – Department of Chemistry. The Departments' history goes back to 1931-1932 when Physicotechnical and Chemical divisions were established in Mordovian Agropedagogical Institute the latter being an ancestor of the N.P.Ogarev Mordovia State University.

Currently IPC is one of the largest educational and scientific bodies of the Mordovian University. The Institute provides educational service for the students specializing in the following courses:
• 010701 – Physics (full-time), qualification – "Physicist"(5 years course);
• 010700 – Physics, degree "Bachelor of Physics" (4 years course);
• 010700 – Physics, degree "Master of Physics" (2 years course);
• 020101 – Chemistry (full-time), qualification "Chemist" (5 years course);
• 020100 – Chemistry, degree "Bachelor of Chemistry"(4 years course);
• 020100 – Chemistry, degree "Master of Chemistry" (2 years course);
• 210302 - Radio Engineering (full-time, part-time), qualification "Engineer" (5, 6 years courses) (full-time; part-time).
More than 600 students are doing full time, part time and evening training courses in the Institute. 90 lecturers including 11 professors conduct training and lecturing. Most of the engineers and laboratory assistants have basic University education. Humanities, economics and basic natural sciences are included in the curriculum of the other Departments and Institutes.
Physical Chairs are conducting scientific research analyzing physical properties and structure of condensed mediums with the target to receive tailored materials. Great attention is paid to the investigation of structural, magnetic and optical properties of solid state bodies (Chair of General Physics, Chair of Experimental Physics); physical properties of metals and alloys with specific properties (Chair of Solid State Science); theoretical research in the fields of Physics of Nanostructures and High Temperature Conduction (Chair of Theoretical Physics).
The Chairs of Chemical Division concentrate their efforts on the research of chemical properties of substances and synthesis of the materials with pre-tailored chemical properties. Within these frames some new organic combinations are examined (Chair of Organic Chemistry), some new methods of chemical analysis of substances compositions are worked out and methods allowing to extract metals from the electrochemical industry wastes are proposed (Chair of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Chair of Analytical Chemistry), physical and chemical properties of the organic systems are investigated (Chair of Physical Chemistry). The results of these investigations are published in leading Russian and world journals. High importance and effectiveness of these research works are testified by the facts that the scientists of the IPC are awarded with the grants of the Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research, Education Ministry of RF and the Government of Republic Mordovia. A number of the Institute scientists are Honorees of the State Prize of the Republic of Mordovia in the field of science and engineering, namely professor V.A.Goriunov, professor A.M.Ziuzin, professor V.A.Margulis, professor V.A.Vasin).
The Institute keeps academic relations with the leading Russian and foreign Universities, successfully cooperates with the organizations of Russian Academy of Science (Scientific Centre of Fiberoptics of RAS) and Scientific Centre of Laser Materials and Technologies (GPI n.a. A.M.Prokhorov RAS). There are three centres of research and education (REC) functioning on the base of IPC:
High purity materials and elements of fiber optics and laser machinery.
Special ceramic materials for high-tech industries.
Modern solid and fiber laser physics.
IPC actively performs training of the academic staff of high qualification. More than 20 post-graduate students are currently taking course in the Institute. High level of knowledge in academic and natural sciences provides the graduates of IPC for fast adaptation in industrial, pedagogical and scientific environments. IPC graduates successfully work for practically all industrial, research and business companies of Saransk. Being well qualified in the field of computer design the IPC graduates use these skills in their work for banks, commercial companies, plants and Institutes. A number of graduates are successfully keeping high managing positions, some of them being capable to receive the second higher education. Due to the critical growth of the environmental problems the demand on the Chemical Division graduates is rising rather significantly. The radio-engineers graduating from the Institute have an opportunity to work in any sphere connected with maintenance and usage of radio-electronic devices: modern means of communication, satellite TV, radio-electronic security systems, etc.
IPC students successfully participate in various contests and competitions of national level, obtaining high prize positions. Annually a number of the students' research works receive medals and diplomas of Ministry of Education of RF. There are good conditions for extra-curricular activities. Students club "Omega" unites the students by interests including Students' Revue Theatre, Intellectuals Club and Dance Studio.