History and Sociology Institute

DirectorNikolai M. Arsentiev


Historical and Sociological Institute today:
- A dynamic humanitarian educational and research university center with a promising potential for innovation;
- A highly qualified teaching staff;
- A prestigious and sought after profession;
- This authoritative scientific schools;
- Is a rich tradition that is stored and multiply the glory of higher education in Russia. We have a lot to be proud!

In 1934, Mordovia State Teachers' Training Institute was established specialty "History", which at different times was part of the historical-philological, historical, geographical, historical faculties. In 1994, the Rector's order on the basis of the History Department was formed Historical and Sociological Institute.

In establishing priorities for research activities of the historical faculty have played an important role MD Smirnov, D. Vasiliev, MG Safargaliev, N. Moline, GY Merkushkin, AV Kleyankin, PD Stepanov, LS Gordon and others

Since the establishment of the university faculty was headed by AL Kiselev, AI Maskaev, M. Dorozhkin, T. Popkov, IA Efimov, AE Kozlov, MF Bandits, NF Mokshin, VD Moser, V. Zakharov, VA Balashov, VF Kutergin. Currently director of the Institute of History and Sociology - Doctor of historical sciences, professor, Corresponding Member of RAS, NM Arsentiev.

The structure of the Institute consists of 15 departments. Preparing students for being in the field and areas of "History", "Psychology," "Politics", "Regionovdenie", "Sociology" "Social Work". In all areas of training are master's programs. Provides a highly trained students faculty. The staff of the Institute - a Corresponding Member of RAS, 26 Doctors and 102 Candidates of Sciences.

Only in the last four years members of the Institute published 76 monographs, 12 textbooks, 79 textbooks, published over 2000 articles.

The Institute is the initiator and organizer of scientific conferences of different status. From 2005 to 2007. jointly with the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the Russian and world economic history of a cycle of international conferences "Industrial Heritage" have become an event not only regional but also of national and international scale. Annually, there are conferences devoted to the memory of outstanding scholars in the humanities - Safargalievskie, Kleyankinskie, Merkushkinskie, Voroninsky, Balashov, scientific reading of Bakhtin, who in recent years acquired the status of All-Russia.

The Institute developed and effectively there are four officially registered schools of "Russian moral philosophy" (head doctor of philosophical sciences, Professor E. Mochalov), "Sociology" (Honored Worker of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor A. Sukharev ), "Ethnology Finno-Ugric peoples of the Ural-Volga" (Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, Honored Worker of Science of the RM, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor NF Mokshin), "Economic and social history of European Russia XVIII - XIX centuries" (Honored science RM, Corresponding Member of RAS, NM Arsentiev).

The Institute has 2 dissertation councils for doctoral and master's theses: the historical sciences, under the chairmanship of Corresponding Member of RAS, NM Arsentyev, on the philosophical and sociological sciences, chaired by Professor A. Sukharev.

Team of teachers and students of the institute 11 times (out of 12 held) became the winner of the Festival of Students' Creativity Mordovia State University.

As a result of "All-Russian competition of models and projects for the organization of educational activities in schools" conducted by the Ministry of Education of the project, the concept of social and educational activities of historical and sociological institute was awarded the diploma of I degree.