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Kovylkino campus

State educational institution of higher education

"Mordovia State University
behalf of the NP Ogarev "

Mordovia State University, N. Ogarev - one of the largest in Russia and Europe classical universities. It has about 40,000 students. Relevancy - he was among the top 20 universities in Russia.

Mordovia University strives to bring education to the people and production. In many districts of the Republic of Mordovia Saransk and functioning structural units of the university. In addition to this university has its branches in the cities Ruzaevka, Moscow, and many Kovylkino offices, among them - a representative office in London (England). All this amounts to a single university body, surely keeping up with the times.

 Kovylkino campus is one of the most successful divisions of the university. Branch is headed by Candidate of Social Sciences Associate Professor Igor Poverinov Ye. At present, its structure consists of three sections:  
· Higher education;
· Vocational education;
· Further education.

and 3 Department
· Management of the organization;
· Law;
· Scientific disciplines

The teaching staff includes 80 people, including seven professors and doctors of about 50 candidates docents. Proportion of people with academic degrees and titles is 62.3%. The average age of teachers - 38 years.

Of students at the branch is more than 1000 people, of which approximately 500 people trained in the field of higher education and the same number in the field of vocational education. Graduates have the opportunity to continue their education in graduate and postgraduate university.

Preparing students performed the following specialties:

Secondary vocational education:


"Manufacturing Engineering";

"The software of computers and automated systems";
"Economics and Accounting buhglatersky";
"Law and Social Security Organization."

Of higher education:

"Jurisprudence" (specialty, bachelor's degree);

"Management Organization" (specialty, bachelor's degree);
"Service" (computer and microprocessor technology) (specialty);

"Computer Science" (BA);

"Economy" (undergraduate);

Second higher education:

"Jurisprudence" (specialty);

"Management Organization" (specialty);

"Service" (computer and microprocessor technology) (specialty);

In addition, the branch provides additional educational services to the public Kovylkinskogo municipal area and works closely with the regional center of employment. The branch provides training and retraining of unemployed workers by occupation: "The operator of electronic computers", "Machinists generalists," "The installer of electronic equipment and appliances." These professions have the opportunity to get students branch of the learning process in full-time for the major. Also, the branch organized a system of courses on computer literacy for the specialists of enterprises and organizations.

All professional education programs of training in the uni-versity branch comply with the requirements of the federal components of the state educational standards (OGC). For all majors prepare students developed tany-national-regional components of the GOS. In the preparation of educational programs take into account the recommendations of the teaching unions.

The educational process in Kovylkinskom branch based on the one hand, new possibilities of modern computer and telecommunications equipment, on the other hand, the achievements of modern pedagogy related to the personality-oriented approaches to teaching methods. The first group includes the use of modern application software packages, interactive television and audiovisual equipment. The second group includes the formation of professional thinking technology, the solution of professional problems, business games, educational teaching games, intellectual training. For example, in 2008 embedded in the learning process training videokeysy the disciplines, "Management Decisions", "Principles of Management", "Crisis Management", "Economics of Industry", "Marketing", "Financial Management".

The quality of education in the branch above the average at the university. The best proof of a high level of training is their relevance to the labor market. Contributes to solving this problem created by the University Center for Promotion of Employment and the organization of practices, as well as created in the sector branch of the practice. They provide coordination of graduate departments in this area, which allows to obtain accurate and timely information on personnel services businesses in the region about the quality of graduate training. Each year, graduates are employed in the branch of the University's leading enterprises and organizations of the city and the country in need of skilled workers with higher and secondary professional education.

The close connection with the production - is not only imperative of our time, but also mutually beneficial cooperation. Skilled professionals are involved in businesses to organize classes on special subjects, are the managers, referees course and diploma projects. Used effectively cooperate with the leading enterprises of the city and Kovylkino Kovylkinskogo district - OJSC "KEMZ" Company "Bread", of "Hope", JSC "Distillery", etc. They not only serve as bases practitioner students, and actively introduce the methods and technologies developed by staff and students of the branch.

In the research staff of the branch involved in Ogarevsky readings, conferences of young scientists, students and graduate students, conducted by the University, as well as in all-Russian, international and regional scientific conferences held in other universities.

In 2008, based on the branch organized and carried out all-Russian scientific-practical conference of young scientists and graduate students on the theme: "Actual problems of enforcement." The same team of the branch took part in organizing the All-Russia scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of the modern state and the law," which was held at the sanatorium "Moksha". Each year the branch held the scientific and methodological seminars on topics such as: "Problems of the Russian law", "Problems of regional economy", "Improving teaching skills," etc.

Branch scientists conducted research work on the orders of enterprises and organizations. For example, in 2008 one of the areas was a study on "Operational and Production Planning", by order of JSC "KEMZ."

For the research work in the branch attracted more than 65% of the students. Completing tasks for projects and dissertations, students participate in university at the same time, zone and nationwide competitions. Many of the works recommended for publication and implementation in production. Over 30 students annually take part in scientific conferences.

In Kovylkinskom branch functioning student scientific circles, "The Thinker", "The Economist".

Kovylkino campus is provided with excellent material and technical base. It is located in specialized buildings with a total area of ​​4625 m2. There are three computer labs are combined into a single network with Internet access, modern classrooms theoretical learning with digital video cameras, projectors, etc. Develop their practical skills, students can equipped with modern technology in teaching and workshops, but to raise the level of theoretical knowledge - in the rich library where selected books on a wide range of knowledge. The library has an electronic reading room with Internet access. In the students' disposal a conference room, auditorium and athletic facilities and comfortable hostel.

Organization of educational work in Kovylkinskom branch focuses on the formation of the highly moral and intellectual development of the individual, to prepare young people for productive creative participation in society.

 In Kovylkino campus has a tradition of active student life. Student asset unites the younger generation, thereby forming a personality that could make friends, organize, empathize with and respect the older generation and their comrades.  

Student Council creates conditions for the manifestation of leadership. Members of the Student Council plan, organize, analyze their own activities, acquiring, thus, the experience of leadership and develop their leadership skills.

Student Council - an administrative unit of the university, student government body which carries out its activities in several areas, each of which is assigned a sector: educational, scientific, cultural, sports, information and analysis.

Traditional branch Kovylkinskogo University freshman was a competition, "Starfall", which aims to identify and develop creative potential of students. The branch organized the celebrations dedicated to the memorable days and dates: the birth of the University Teachers' Day, the Day of the student contests the traditional Valentine's Day, Week, courage and Sports, Ms. Branch, New Year's event. Students actively participate in tournaments, KVN, intellectual games, "What? Where? When? "," Brain Ring ". Student team Kovylkinskogo branch presents its concert at the republican festival "Student Spring". In addition, none of Kovylkino event goes by without the participation of students Kovylkinskogo branch.

It has become tradition to hold charity meetings generations, the campaign "Every child - a gift of" carrying out activities on Mother's Day, participated in the Memory Watch "Never mind the obelisks," organization "Spring Week of goodness", participation in the festival of patriotic song, "The Afghan echo."

Annually, there are polls, "The level of adaptation first-year students' competitions for the title of" Student of the Year "," curated "," The Teacher of the Year "in order to improve the learning process, giving feedback between teachers and students.

With a view to prevention work among the students organize psychological trainings and lectures on the dangers of smoking, drugs, AIDS prevention. In the municipal actions "without drugs" student branch has repeatedly won prizes in competitions poster and essay.

During the year, vocational guidance work is carried out with high school graduates, have become conventional open days.

Boils and develops students' sports activities Kovylkinskogo branch. For everyone working section in volleyball, basketball, table tennis. The students perform successfully in urban, university-wide and national competitions in basketball, volleyball, darts, table tennis, arm wrestling, chess, mini-football, which occupy the top places. It has become tradition to hold obschefilialovskogo Health Day, which actively take part in almost all the students.

The main task of the students - to learn! And the fact that this process was comfortable and not burdened with domestic difficulties, cares Kovylkinskogo trade union branch.

The main objective of the union - the protection of socio-economic rights and interests of students.

Union Bureau has a one-time financial assistance in connection with marriage, birth of a child, a difficult financial situation in many other cases.

Students have the opportunity to affiliate to use the full range of social infrastructure of the University of Mordovia.

Students are allocated tickets to a sports camp "Raduga - 2", located on the Black Sea coast.

During the winter and summer vacations, students receive free tickets to a sanatorium Saransk "Ogarevets" where have the opportunity to not only relax, but also significantly improve their health.

After completing training in Kovylkinskom branch, graduates receive a diploma of one of the most prestigious universities in Russia - Mordovia State University, which is a confirmation of the prestigious and high-quality education.

University graduates can work in a variety of public and commercial structures, industrial campaigns, joint ventures, etc. Having a good education, they are able to solve the most urgent tasks of our time, as the knowledge obtained in the Mordovia State University. NP Ogaryov requests reflects the socio-economic development and takes into account the requirements of employers.
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