Machine Building Institute, Ruzaevka Affiliated Branch

Head of Machine building institute (Ruzaevka branch)  


Ruzaevsky Institute of Mechanical Engineering is the only university in the Republic of Mordovia, providing training engineers and technicians for industrial engineering., Is part of the Mordovia State University.

The Institute is headed PhD, Associate Professor Fomin, Aleksandr Pavlovich.

Ruzaevsky Institute provides training for students of engineering specialties:

Department of higher education:

"Manufacturing Engineering" (specialty, bachelor's degree);

"Metal-cutting machines and systems" (specialty, bachelor's degree);

"Economics and Management (in branch)" (specialty) / "Industrial Management" (BA);

Department of the reduced form of higher education:

"Manufacturing Engineering" (specialty, bachelor's degree);

Department of vocational education:

"Economics and Accounting (by industry)";

"Installation and technical operation of industrial equipment (by industry)."

Ruzaevsky Institute include:

7 departments:

Department of Engineering Technology - head. Chair, kand.fiz.-mat.nauk, Associate Professor Sergei Petrovich Kudaev;

Department of machine tools and systems - head. Chair, PhD. those. , Associate Professor Sergei Petrovich Sul'din;

Department of Humanities - head. d.f.n Department, Professor Andrey Gagaev;

Department of technical disciplines - head. Chair, Ph.D., Associate Professor Mikhail Chugunov;

Department of scientific disciplines - head. department, doctor of sciences., Kuzmichev Professor Nikolai;

Department of automation of production processes - head. Chair Ph.D., Associate Professor Kolenchenko Alexander;

Department of Industrial Management - head. Chair, Ph.D., Associate Professor Fomin, Aleksandr Pavlovich.

3 research laboratories equipped with modern equipment in the framework of the development of national research university:

mechanical engineering;

Research Laboratory of superconductivity and nanotechnology, led by Professor Nikolai Kuzmichev, staffed by students of his school science (PhD, PhD. Vasyutin MA, PhD, and PhD. Slavkin VV;

research laboratory headed by Professor of Philosophy of Science Gagaev Andrei Alexandrovich, the laboratory has published 35 books.

small scientific and technological enterprise RIM NTP "CAD - Project," led by Dr. Chugunov Mikhail Vladimirovich,.

Research Library - head. Bobrow, SA library, the library includes over 90,000 books;

Computer Center provides the educational process in the four computer labs - Head Fominov AG

training - the head of production workshops - Rodioshkin MY

hostel for 535 seats with power service, which is located, a gymnasium and auditorium.

The teaching staff includes 58 people, including six professors, doctors and more than 30 associate professors. Proportion of people with scientific degrees and ranks higher than 65%.

Of students at the institute is more than 700 people, of which over 650 people enrolled in the departments of higher education, and more than 40 people enrolled in 2011 at the department of vocational education. Institute graduates can pursue further study in graduate and postgraduate university.

Ruzaevsky Institute of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1964 by order of the Minister of Education of the RSFSR of 18.08.1964 № 620, the first appointment was made at the evening department. Students are taught in two specialties: "Industrial and civil construction", "Electrical machines and apparatus." This choice of professions was due to work on the electrification Ruzaevsky branch of the Kuibyshev Railway.

In 1976 the branch was opened the day room and reception carried out on a specialty "Technology of mechanical engineering and machine tools."

Opening of specialty "Technology of machine building and metal-cutting machines" was due to the fact that first of all needed specialists "Mechanical Engineer" on Ruzaevsky plants "Khimmash," Computers and LAL.

Education students was conducted by daytime, evening and correspondence. By this time the branch has a new educational building.

In 1976 he began construction of dormitories for 535 seats with power service, which was provided a dining room, gym, auditorium and library.

At the same time created and improved material base of the branch, promoting optimal organization of the educational process. Were purchased modern machine tools and CNC machines, cranes, laboratory and other equipment needed for the learning process.

It should be noted that an important role in the construction branch has played a former director Professor A.D.Boykov. This period is characterized by the fact that the number of students increased to 1,000. However, there was a lack of training space. And here came to the aid of the plant being built LAL. He headed it at the time of Leonid Kuryanov who reacted with understanding to our problems. It was financed construction of a new academic building and workshops. Later Alexander Kolenchenko admirably to the challenge and put all their knowledge and ability to master built area.

At this point, the specialty "Technology of machine building and metal-cutting machines" has been divided into two specialties: "Mechanical Engineering" and "Metal-cutting machines and tools." The first included the training of specialists "in engineering and technology" machine-building production, and the second - a specialty "engineer - designer."

In 1999 at the initiative of AP Fomin in a branch was opened a new specialty: "Economics and Management (in engineering)." This led to the fact that the number of students increased to 1.5 million people. It has become possible along with the state budget to education training with reimbursement of expenses for training by the students, that is, paid training.

Over the years Ruzaevsky Institute of Mechanical Engineering has released more than 5,500 specialists with higher education who work in various enterprises, organizations and businesses in the area. Our graduates are employed in positions of engineers, technologists, chief engineers, chief engineers, factory managers, the staff of the Ministry, in a variety of enterprises and branches of Mordovia and the Russian Federation.

Currently, the Institute of Mechanical Engineering Ruzaevsky organize the learning process in two ways. In the area of ​​"Design and engineering support of production engineering" students receive in-depth knowledge and skills on two profiles: "Mechanical Engineering", "Metal-cutting machines and systems." In "Management" training is the profile of "Industrial Management" on the day and correspondence courses.