Marina D. Martynova

Kandidat Nauk degree holder (PhD in Philosophy)
Research assistant professor (docent)


Vice-Rector for Extracurricular Activities (rectorate)
Professor (chair of philosophy)

Birthday: 03.12.1960

Other positions

Chairwoman of Humanitarian Board of N.P. Ogarev Mordovian State University. Member of editorial board of the students’ research-publicistic anthology «Nota bene». Chairwoman of Intercollegiate Board on Prevention of Abuse of Psychoactive Substances in the Republic of Mordovia. Member of Coordinating Board for Youth Programmes and Support of Youth Movement under the Head of Republic of Mordovia. Member of Republican Expert Advisory Board for Selection and Implementation of Upbringing Programmes in Spheres of Children’s and Teenagers’ Rest, Wellness and Employment. Member of Community Board for Development of Orthodox Culture under the Head of Republic of Mordovia.


Graduates the Faculty of Foreign Languages, N.P.Ogarev Mordovian State University (1983). Kandidat Nauk degree (PhD) in Philosophical society (1992). Research assistant professor (1997). Professor, Chair of Philosophy for Humanities (from 2004 to present time).

Research interests, publications
Philosophical and ethical problems of education, environmental ethics. Published over 60 items of research and academic works.


Letter of Gratitude from Children’s Centre "Orlyonok" for contribution into preparation of students acting as camp counselors (2005). Medal "For Services in Carrying out the National Census" (2002). Award pin "For Active Participation in the National Census of 2002" (2003). Certificate of Merit from the State Assembly of the Republic of Mordovia (2001).

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