Mikhail M. Gudov

Kandidat Nauk degree holder (PhD in Economics)
Full professor

Phone: +7 8342 244578
E-mail: sci-secretary@adm.mrsu.ru

Convener of the University Senate (rectorate)
Convener of the University Senate (university senate)
Professor (chair of finance and credit)

Birthday: 08.07.1959


Graduated from the Faculty of Agricultural Economics, N.P. Ogarev Mordovian State University (1981). Kandidat Nauk degree (PhD) in Economics (1990). Research assistant professor (1996). Deputy head of the division of agricultural economics for extracurricular activities (1994, October- 1995, July).Deputy Dean for extracurricular work (1995, July- 1996, February) and academic studies (1996, February - 1998, December). Member of the Senate of Mordovian State University (from May, 2001). Professor (from April 2003 to present).

Research interests, publications

Improvement of financial and credit mechanism of governmental regulation of the real sector of economy. Published: over 60 items of research and academic work including one monograph, two course books.

Certificates of Merit from the State Assembly of the Republic of Mordovia (1999) and of RF Ministry of Education (2001).

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