Alexander V. Kotin

University postgraduate education
Doctor of Technical Sciences
Full professor

Phone: +7 8342 254456
Fax: +7 8342 254456

Director (mechanics and power engineering institute)
Professor (chair of processing of agricultural production)
Chairperson of dissertation board (Д 212.117.06)

He graduated from the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization Mordovian University (1981). PhD (1987), Ph.D. (1998). Associate Professor (1992), Professor (2000). Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council for doctoral dissertations in the field of "Technology and mechanization of agriculture", "Technologies and maintenance facilities in agriculture."

Research interests, publications
Research interests: development of methods to improve the accuracy of dimensional chain assembly units of new and reconditioned machines, development of resource-saving and environmentally friendly processes restoration of worn machine parts. Publications: more than 150 scientific and educational works, including 2 monographs, 12 manuals, 8 patents for invention. Prepared by eight candidates, was a consultant on a doctoral dissertation.

Honored Worker of Science of the Republic of Mordovia (2001). Winner of State Prize of the Republic of Mordovia in the field of science and technology (1998). Winner of Ogarevo Award (2000). He was awarded the diploma of the Government of the RM (2006), the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

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