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GNFA-Russia launches an automotive education centre
GNFA-Russia launches an automotive education centre

Monday 2 September 2012 was a red letter day for technical training in the Institute of Mechanics and Power Engineering, Ogarev Mordovia State University with the launch of the Institute/GNFA (Groupement National pour la Formation Automobile) automotive training partnership. Many dignitaries were on hand: Chairman of the republican government - Vladimir Sushkov, Rector of Mordovia State University - Sergey Vdovin, Head of GNFA International department - Patrice Martin, GNFA-Russia executive – Sergey Klochkov and other guests.

GNFA ambition is to offer a pertinent and a high-performance services designed to create both value for the company and to ensure increased on the job worth for the employee Skills growth and the addressing of the skills shortage is an absolute imperative for growth. The Institute/GNFA initiative feeds the cycle of growth and very importantly creates jobs and absorbs labour.

“Among the dealers, the demand for qualified staff is strong. The trade is looking increasingly towards the development of services. We also provide training in certain automobile production jobs, typically end-of-assembly-line inspectors, or bodywork inspectors”, Patrice Martin says. With 30 years of experience in the field of technical training, GNFA assists vehicle manufacturers and distributors across the world to identify their problem areas and improve their skills through personalised, distinctive and innovative training.

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