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Expert RA moves Mordovia State University 20 positions upward. Way to go!

Expert RA is #1 Russian rating agency working on a global scale, incorporated in 1997 by Expert magazine. One of the Agency's new endeavors in 2012 was the Russian Universities Rating.

‘Expert RA’ rating agency drafted the Russian higher school rating on the initiative and with support of Oleg Deripaska’s ‘Freedom Cause’ Foundation. The rating was prepared based on the statistics and large-scale surveys held among 4,000 respondents: employers, academic and scientific representatives, higher school students and graduates. The rating method was designed with the view of the opinions expressed by representatives of Russia’s leading higher schools.

The rating functionality is determined on the basis of the analysis of the following integral factors: higher school education quality, employer demand for higher school graduates, higher school research and development intensiveness level.

The rating winners, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University, St. Petersburg State University and Moscow Physical and Technical Institute, were also among Top 5 higher schools by employer demand. In general, the breakdown for this criterion testifies to the fact that the demand for graduates of technical higher schools is higher than for managers, economists and humanitarians on the labour market.

Mordovia State University moved 20 positions upward to a current 62ndplace. By employer demand criteria the University is at 32nd and by research activity is at 41st position.

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