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Mordovia State University launches the first-in-Russia ALD-tech laboratory
Mordovia State University launches the first-in-Russia ALD-tech laboratory

On 4 September, the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University launched the first laboratory in Russia to investigate thin-film coatings deposited on nanotechnology of atomic-layer deposition (ALD - atomic layer deposition).

The ceremony was attended by the rector of Mordovia State University Sergey M. Vdovin and the Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Industry, Science and New Technologies of the Republic of Moldova Alexander I. Sedov, founder and co-director of the Finnish company Beneq, director of thin-film technology – Mr.Tommi Vainio and CEO of “ElTeh St. Petersburg” - A.V. Troshin.

The participants of the event noticed that the opening of a new laboratory would be the next step in the creation of Russian nanotechnology industry. For the Republic of Mordovia – it’s an opening of new research field and a creation of unique products that are in demand in the market. The Rector S.M. Vdovin stressed that the university would be open to partnerships with leading companies in the industry.

Representatives of concerned companies from around the Volga region attended the opening ceremony. Among those who first got acquainted with the laboratory – the director of the national science park V. V. Yakoba and chairman of the board of directors of the Group of Companies “Optikenergo” E.A. Boksimer . Laboratory activities will cover a wide range of activities: applied ALD research, demonstration of ALD options, integration of ALD in industry, production and analysis of the samples, coating services and experimental production, and also technology testing and work on the ALD equipment. The newly opened laboratory was supplied with unique equipment by such companies as “ElTeh St. Petersburg” and Beneq Oy.

The founder of Beneq company Tommy Vainio noticed a powerful scientific potential of the University. The launch and development of the laboratory will increase the competitiveness and the importance of Russian science in the world, it will also expedite the process of thin-film technology transfer from a basic research to specific applications in business.

In order to consolidate partnerships S.M. Vdovin and Tommi Vainio signed a memorandum on cooperation between N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University and Beneq Oy.

The seminar on “Technology ALD, general principles and features. Examples of the atomic layer deposition technology’s application in the industry. Advantages of the technology of atomic layer deposition” followed.

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