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Festival of Сultures gathers half a thousand of international students
Festival of Сultures gathers half a thousand of international students

On 22-23 November Ogarev Mordovia State University hosted a festival of cultures «Ogarev’s colours», Half a thousand international students studying at Ogarev Mordovia State University and universities across Russia attended the event. Guests of the festivals were foreign students from Penza and Mari state universities.

In his welcoming speech the Rector of Mordovia State University Sergey M.Vdovin mentioning that the university could become a regular venue for such event wished that the festival would go far and beyond the local university and the Republic embracing the scope of the Volga Federal region and even nationwide scale.

Minister for National Policy of the Republic of Moldova A. M. Chushkin stressed that such festivals were especially important in the light of the President Vladimir Putin’s task to strengthen the interethnic consent among nationalities.

Among other prominent figures noticed at the festival were Chairman of the State Committee for Youth Affairs in the Republic of Mordovia L. M. Lisunova, Head of Saransk division of the Foreign Ministry of Russia S. N. Startseva and Deputy head of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Mordovia A. V. Piskunov.

The festival’s programme centered around folk art: vocal performance, dance, playing musical instruments, Turkmen embroidery, the art of making African headwear, national cuisine and traditions of hospitality.

The key event of the festival featured the round table discussion «I want to study in Russia», where international students got to know what was done to facilitate their socialisation and integration with local environment.

Topical issues raised at the discussion were accommodation at hostels, involvement of international students into public life, summer time jobs, cultural outreach, language studies etc. Keynote speakers from Mordovia State University, Vice-Rector for Extracurricular work, Marina D. Martynova, Head of the International Office Natalia Vatolkina and the representative of Student Services Office Tatiana Averkina shared their experience in performing a number of projects engaging international students.

Guest students from other Russian regions and cities assessed the importance of the projects, their social impact and discussed how they could be implemented back home.

Clinical resident of the local Medical Institute Kuzma Fadi from Syria summarised by saying that the Festival is another proof of attention, which Mordovia State University devotes to foreign students. «It's important to us to show our culture, and we take into our hearts the memory of this festival and the University».

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