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Dean of the Law faculty among the key speakers at EU’s conference

The international conference «The Development of the EU Eastern Partnership Cooperation from Capacity to Excellence: Strengthening Research, Regional and Innovation Policy in the Context of Horizon 2020» was organised by Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence of the University of Latvia, and was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia and the European Commission. The Conference took place in Riga and Jūrmala on June 11-13, 2014. Mordovia State University was represented by the Dean of the Law faculty – Yulia N. Sushkova.

The event has brought together the main stakeholders from more than 20 EU states, including the European Commission, national policy making bodies, policy makers, broad research community, those who are interested in international dimension of EU policies and cooperation with Eastern Partnership countries. The conference has sought to have a fresh and different angle of analysis focused on current challenges in EU Eastern Partnership (EaP) and Russia with reference to research and innovation. It was designed as a follow-up on main streams of the third EaP summit in Vilnius 28-29 November, 2013 in the context of European Research Area and Eastern Partnership Roadmap. It has covered the issues related to the EU current policies on Eastern Partnership initiatives and the future plans for the EU Research and Regional Innovation Policies, as well as sharing common values and good practices among different Member States, Eastern Partnership countries and other global partners.

In the opening session, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Andrejs Pildegovičs noted that the goal of the Eastern Partnership has been and remains the assistance to Eastern neighbours in achieving closer ties with the EU as well as enhancement of stability in the region by strengthening such core values as democracy, good governance, human rights and market economy. “The Eastern Partnership is not directed against any third country and the goal of the programme does not involve creation of new dividing lines in Europe”, stressed Andrejs Pildegovičs.

Yulia N. Sushkova’s speech with a catchy title «Russia’s Finno-Ugric relations with Hungary, Finland and Estonia: Russian window to EU» has generated a lively interest and been aired coupling with her interview about the Republic of Mordovia, Saransk and Mordovia State University by central Latvian TV channel. Among the practical outcomes of the conference are also build-up of academic networking enabling to widen joint collaboration in a variety of fields ranging from joint publications and conference participation to submission of jointly-prepared grant applications to EU funds.

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