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TV presenter from «Russia 1» to make a film about Mordovia
TV presenter from «Russia 1» to make a film about Mordovia

January 19 the shooting team, headed by a well-known Russian TV journalist from TV channel «Russia 1» Sergey Brilyov attended Saransk to videotape material for the film about the Republic of Mordovia. TV project "Federation" initiated by Sergey Brilyov and Tatyana Remezova as a series of video plots about the Russia’s regions, their unique experience and achievements in economics, health care or social sphere will feature Mordovia this time.

The shooting crew accompanied by the Head of Mordovia Vladimir D. Volkov attended local industries, hospitals, innovative facilities and academic institutions that the Republic prides itself on and are icons of upward advancement. Ogarev Mordovia State University was one of such places. The University achievements in science, academic studies and innovation developments presented by Rector Sergey M. Vdovin are noteworthy in the Republic and further afield. Moreover the University volunteering service has a unique experience of participating in such mega events as 2013 World Students Games in Kazan, 2014 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi and is now gearing up for 2018 FIFA World Cup because Saransk was selected as one of the host cities of the event.

Тhe prominent guest and his crew were also accompanied to local museums, depositories of cultural legacy of Mordovian people and the Institute of National and Folk Culture where local folk arts and crafts left them dazed with admiration.

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