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Mordovia State University - Wuhan Textile University: more exchange opportunities for language learners
Mordovia State University - Wuhan Textile University: more exchange opportunities for language learners

June 30, N. P. Ogarev Mordovia State University hosted another group of Chinese officials: Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Wuhan Textile University, Professor Liu Gongcheng, Dean of the Faculty of foreign languages, He Wei and Deputy Director of the international office Ms.Zhang Xia.

The Chinese colleagues was met by the Vice-Rector for academic studies Alina Y. Maslova, Dean of the faculty of foreign languages Natralia V. Burenina, and Deputy head for exchange programmes Olga Fedotkina, international relations office of Ogarev Mordovia State University.

During the meeting the parties have exchanged ideas and experience of international cooperation. Close interaction between Mordovia State University and Wuhan Textile University began with the signing of the partnership agreement in 2013. Today the universities are jointly running language courses and looking further at programmes of academic exchange. In August 2014, eight Russian students of Chinese language course organised in Mordovia State University proceeded their studies at the summer language school in Wuhan.

Now the Chinese language is taught in English. It is popular among students and far more and number of learners is increasing, however, the numbers could increase significantly if the Chinese languag would be taught in Russian. The parties also discussed the plans for establishment of the Centre for Chinese language and Culture where teaching staff from China might work on a regular basis.

Mr. Liu Gongcheng, in his turn, has noticed that universities have many reasons for cooperation in the field of scientific research. He invited the administrative staff from N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University to participate in the conference which will be held in October 2015 in Wuhan.

Dean of the faculty of foreign languages He Wei told that Wuhan Textile University offers its learners courses in English, Russian, Japanese, French and German. Russian language courses appeared about two years ago and are popular among Chinese students. Many of them have expressed a desire to come to Saransk to deepen knowledge of the Russian language.

At the end of their stay, guests looked over educational and scientific laboratories at the Institute of physics and chemistry and exhibition halls of the Institute of national and folk culture.

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