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American students from Charleston, SC: we need Russian language plus Russian literature

From May 25 to June 13, the Faculty of Philology hosted a regular group of American students from College of Charleston (SC, USA) who chose Mordovia State University as a place of Russian language practice.

Mordovia State University is getting popular with students from College of Charleston. Traditionally, groups of students from the USA have studies at the Faculty of foreign languages, but this group was concerned with not only Russian language, but also Russian literature. That is why the Faculty of philology, Chair of Russian and world literature have this time taken liberty of running the educational programme «Russian as a foreign language».

The teaching staff from the Philology Faculty has offered guests along with classes in Russian language, an extensive programme of excursions. Among cultural destinations are artist’s memorial museum of Alexander Pushkin in the village of Bolshoe Boldino in the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, trips to Arzamas city and other ancient cities of Volga Region.

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