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Summer school for international students

From 17 July to 3 August Faculty of Foreign Languages of the National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University hosted a Summer school entitled «Russian as a foreign language: practical course». This Summer school was intended for everyone wishing to learn Russian language thus helping to popularise it in other countries and to establish friendly relations between Ogarev Mordovia State University and universities from other countries. Students from the USA, China and Serbia were the very first participants of the Summer school.

During 2 weeks the participants learned lexical and grammatical basics required to make learners feel comfortable in a new language environment. Cultural aspect of the programme was consisted of various master-classes dedicated to Russian films, Russian cuisine, the specifics of Russian mentality and national spirit.

After classes the students learnt more about Russian and Mordovian cultures, visited ancient monasteries, studied the past of Russian Orthodoxy. They also visited the Volunteers Center for FIFA World Cup 2018 where they got familiar with symbols of the World Cup and successfully registered as potential volunteers.

Visiting Bolshoe Boldino, a memorial estate of A. S. Pushkin, made a great impression on the participants. Every foreigner studying Russian language is familiar with Pushkin and a visit to the house where he lived is an outstanding event.

The organisers of the programme hope that the school will become a regular event attracting more and more international participants and helping to broaden Mordovia State University’s international links.

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