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Erasmus+ Capacity Building project reaches Faculty of Architecture and Construction Engineering

In the beginning of December (5-6) Moscow State National Research University of Civil Engineering held first coordination meeting of the Erasmus+ project «Modernisation of the Curricula in sphere of smart building engineering - Green Building (GREB)». One of the Consortium member - N.P.Ogarev Mordovia State National Research University was represented by Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction Engineering – Vladimir T. Erofeev and Head of International Relations Office – Natalia Sh. Vatolkina.

The project attempts to tackle the following main tasks: development of new courses in the field of "smart" and "green building" for undergraduate and postgraduate students of all specialties in architecture and civil engineering; creation of a network of training and consultation centres for green building; research into European experience and training teaching staff in innovative educational technologies in the field of "green" and "smart" building; implementation of student projects.

Coordination meeting was moderated by Anna Tozzi, project coordinator from University of L'Aquila. Following decisions were made in the course of the meeting:
Steering committee members elected
Quality assurance committee members elected
Members responsible for realisation of specific work packages appointed.
General principles and guidelines for joint work under the project adopted.

All together 16 universities and organisations from Europe, Russia, Uzbekistan and Mongolia, came to Moscow State University of Civil Engineering to set principles of future cooperation.

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