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Representatives of the Republic of Burundi visit Mordovia State University
Representatives of the Republic of Burundi visit Mordovia State University

On January 26 Ogarev Mordovia State University accepted the guests from the Republic of Burundi - the seniour economic adviser to the second Vice-president of Burundi, Dr. Muaz Sagamba and the director of the “Capad” company - Sezibera Annik.

Representatives of the Republic of Burundi visited Mordovia University as part of their lengthy visit to Mordovia. This is not their first visit to the region: prior to current visit Dr. Sagamba met with the Government of the Republic and a number of industrial enterprises’ chief executives. During this visit, guests from Burundi visited several livestock complexes and enterprises for processing agricultural products. The guests were also concerned with establishing cooperation with the University in the educational and scientific spheres.

To get a general idea of the University the guests watched the video about it and payed a call on the Centre for shared use of facilities «Light engineering metrology» at the Institute of Electronic engineering and light engineering. The director of the Institute Olga E. Zheleznikova introduced educational programmes of the Institute and its scientific activities to the guests. Natalia Sh. Vatolkina told the representatives of Burundi about the structure of the University, available educational programmes and admission requirements and learning conditions for training students from foreign countries.

Dr. M. Sagamba expressed his confidence that students from Burundi will appear at Ogarev Mordovia State University during the next academic year. In his opinion, they will be especially interested in the educational programmes taught in English.

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