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XVII international Bakhtin conference to be held in Mordovia State University
XVII international Bakhtin conference to be held in Mordovia State University

In 2020 Saransk will accept renowned academics, pundits of Bakhtin studies from all over the world to participate in the XVII International Bakhtin conference. The venue for this event -Mordovia State University.

This decision was taken and endorsed at the XVI International Bakhtin conference "Bakhtin in the post-revolutionary era", which took place from 6 to 10 September 2017 in Fudan University (Shanghai, China).

N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University was represented by doctor of Philology, Professor, Chair of Russian and Foreign literature O. E. Osovsky with the talk on "Modern novel as a hybrid construction" and the Deputy Director of M. M. Bakhtin Centre, S. A. Dubrovskaya with the talk on " Bakhtin’s aesthetics of laughter in the perception of Russian literary studies". During the round table organised at M.M. Bakhtin Centre they shared with colleagues their musings on the trip.

O.E. Osovsky stressed the point that in the entire history it was the first time when the conference was held in Asia, and the remarkable thing was to see a keen interest among Chinese scholars in M.M. Bakhtin’s theory: «China has become a country that is dynamically developing its own Bakhtin studies at their own discretion. Very proactive is a nationwide Chinese society of Bakhtin. But you have to understand that they pursue their own goals. There is an active Europeanisation of the Chinese Humanities, including cultural studies, literary studies and linguistics, by switching to a new track – by means of Bakhtin ideas».

S. A. Dubrovskaya highlighted another important trend observed in the research of many colleagues from different countries – the use of Bakhtin's ideas in pedagogy: «Cultural meanings of Bakhtin's concepts in education were the focus of several conference panels. In various wording, the speakers talked on how Bakhtin's ideas influence the curricula and syllabi. In particular, I was surprised by a synopsis of the paper by a colleague from Brazil, where it was stated that Bakhtin's theory of speech genres influenced the developers of secondary school textbooks in the native language».

The international Bakhtin conferences have been held since 80-ies of the 20th century in different countries of the world once in two or three years. In Russia, a similar event took place only once - in the year of M.M. Bakhtin’s 100th anniversary (1995) in Moscow. Conference in Saransk will also be timed to coincide with the date – the 125th anniversary of the scientist’s birthday.

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