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A webinar tackles a problem of comparative studies

A webinar tackles a problem of comparative studies

M.M.Bakhtin Centre together with the Chair of Russian and Foreign Literature (Faculty of Philology) and the Humanities Faculty of the University of Haifa (Israel) took part in a webinar on the 19th of December.

«Two histories of comparative literature» - a topic proposed by D.M. Sobolev - Ph.D., a professor of the Chair of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at the University of Haifa. The discussion engaged keynote speakers, professors of the Faculty of Philology (O.E. Osovsky, S.P. Gudkova, E.A. Sharonova, T.I. Akimova), History and Sociology Institute (A.A. Sychev), undergraduate students and Master’s degree students of the Faculty of Philology.

A comparativist’s mission, his/her language, methods and techniques of working with texts - these and other topics have found a lively response in the student audience. However, quite a few issues were left undiscussed, that is why participants agreed to continue a scientific dialogue in a regular setting - at M.M. Bakhtin Centre of Mordovia State University.

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