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Educational programmes taught at the University successfully accredited
Educational programmes taught at the University successfully accredited

On 24 of January, the National Accreditation Board under National Centre for Public Accreditation, based an external review findings, approved educational programmes in 03.03.02 «Physics», 03.04.02 «Physics», 04.03.02 «Chemistry, physics and mechanics of materials», 04.05.01 «Fundamental and applied chemistry», 04.03.01 «Chemistry», 04.04.01 «Chemistry», 03.06.01 «Physics and astronomy», 04.06.01 «Chemical Sciences», taught at Mordovia State University. The accreditation will be effective during 6 years.

The National Centre has recognised that the quality of programmes meets the standards and criteria of professional public accreditation established in accordance with the European standards of quality assurance of education ESG-ENQA. Educational programmes that passed through accreditation have been awarded the mark of distinction «Excellent Quality». The above programmes will be included in the official Registry of the monitoring system of professional and public accreditation under the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation and the EQAR European registry, scheduled to be launched in autumn 2018.

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