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The University’s EU international projects vetted: in abeyance for final approval
The University’s EU international projects vetted: in abeyance for final approval

National Erasmus+ office in Russia has sent two his officials - Deputy Director A. A. Muravyeva and expert of the Russian Federation – Yu.N. Redina to review two international projects implemented at Mordovia State University within the Erasmus+ programme:

1) The EU project entitled «Excellence in Engineering Education through Teacher Training and New Pedagogic Approaches in Russia and Tadjikistan» (EXTEND project) is run by Faculty of Economics within the Action Capacity Building in Higher Education (head of the project – Dr., economic sci., professor, Dean of Faculty of Economics - Tatiana Salimova).

2) Another project  - «Developing Trans-regional information literacy for lifelong learning and

the knowledge economy (DIREKT)» is implemented by The Faculty of Foreign Languages (head of the project – PhD philology. sci., Dean of the Faculty Natalia V. Burenina). 

On September 7, the experts met with the Rector of the University, Sergey M. Vdovin, during which they discussed the possibilities of the University to enhance the submission of further applications for international grants and advised on mechanisms and techniques of their efficient implementation. Further activities within monitoring were moved directly to the Faculties, where experts met with project teams and their partners. The progress and preliminary results of the current work were discussed.

The final results of the monitoring will be announced in October 2018 by Education, Culture and Audiovisual Executive Agency (EACEA) in Brussels.

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