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The Scientists of Ogarev Mordovia University win a golden medal at the international exhibition «Eiffel Grand Prix».

This year International Exhibition of Invention and Innovation was held in Paris in late November.

The organizers of the event were the French Federation of Inventors / La Fédération Française des Inventeurs, the Association «Europe France Inventors/ Europe France Inventeurs » and the Society of Friends of Gustave Eiffel under the patronage of Philippe Couperie-Eiffel, the descendant of the great French engineer Gustave Eifeel.

The exhibition got together inventors from Austria, Algeria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Iran, Luxembourg, Morocco, Poland, Saudi Arabia, USA, Tunisia, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Russia.

The Russian section presented 18 scientific developments worked out by scholars from Moscow, Vologda, Krasnodar, Novocherkassk, Rybinsk, the Republic of Dagestan and the Republic of Mordovia in such fields like aviation, automotive and textile industries, biotechnology, environmental protection, medicine, general machinery, industrial equipment, electronics, power engineering.

The Chair of Technical Service of Machinery of Mechanics and Power Engineering Institute under Ogarev Mordovia State University represented its innovative ideas in application of multifunctional nanostructured spark-deposition coatings on working surfaces of machine parts.

The unique technological solution, in which an electric spark is used as a technological instrument, makes it possible to obtain metal coatings with desired physical, mechanical and tribotechnical  properties using sources of concentrated energy.

By decision of the Jury of the International Exhibition of Invention and Innovation the scientists of the Chair (head of the Chair – Vice-Rector for science and research, full professor P.V. Senin) were awarded with a gold medal and a diploma.

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