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Scholars of Mordovia State University take part in the international Finno-Ugric project
Scholars of Mordovia State University take part in the international Finno-Ugric project

During three days of August (9-11) Imatra and Lappeenranta cities (Finland) under the aegis of Ministry of Culture and Education of Finland, South Karelian Regional Union and South-Karelian Cultural Society «Lyra» hosted an international project «The Mordovian Folk Culture» (the project coordinator from the Russian side – head of the research laboratory of the Finno-Ugric culture, professor Elena N. Lomshina).

The students and the teaching staff of the Institute of National and Folk Culture T.V. Tyurina, E.O. Modina, art-theater "Od Varma" took part in the ethnic festival "The Mordovian Folk Culture" in Imatra city, presented a concert programme in Lappeenranta. The ethnofestival also offered master classes in folk games, singing, national cuisine of the Mordovians.

Scientists of Mordovia State University - E.N. Lomshina, T.N. Sidorkina, L.D. Levina delivered their talks at the workshop «Ethno-cultural heritage safeguard: experience and prospects». Within the framework of the project, the exhibition entitled «Living tradition» was opened, featuring photo expositions based on the materials of joint field trips performed by research laboratory of Finno-Ugric culture and University of Helsinki (Finland) Loran Eötvös University (Hungary), Budapest ethnographic museum; also decorative and applied art items, Moksha, Erzya national costumes were displayed. Scholars of Ogarev Mordovia State University paid a memorable visit to Technical University of Lappeenranta.

The organizers of the project from the Finnish side expressed their thankfulness in a letter to the Rector of National research Mordovia State University - Sergey M. Vdovin for assistance in the implementation of the project and personal contribution to fostering international cultural and scientific cooperation between Finland and Russia.


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