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International Data Hackathon: The University students are in

On July 23-24, Students of Mordovia State University took part in the Data Hackathon, an International competition for solving global social problems using AI & Data.  This international event is supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and Ogarev Mordovia State University is the official regional organizer. 


More than 30 representatives of Mordovia State University stepped in the fray at the Hackathon. The team captains are Natalia Plotnikova, Oleg Kaledin, Stanislav Yamashkin.

Participants are engaged in finding solutions to various socio-economic problems (assigned tasks), including:

·                    Braille alphabet recognition (international task),

·                    CT and X-ray analysis for the diagnosis of viral pneumonia CODIV-19 using computer vision,

·                    forecasting water levels during the spring flood.


Altogether 147 tasks from 4 countries and 43 regions of Russia were on offer. Among them are the following:

 примеры задач.jpg

§  Reducing poverty in Russia and across the world (Machine learning can make poverty-related measurements more accurate, helping us pinpoint key problems to address, and accelerating the reduction of poverty across the world).

§  Qualitative change in the interaction between state and an individual (Use algorithms to develop indicators reflecting the quality of life in Russia).

§  Analysis of key barriers for people with disabilities based on open data (Based on open data, identify the barriers and needs that people with disabilities face in different areas).

§  Service to detect the development of cardiovascular disease (Creating a service to detect the development of cardiovascular disease based on an assessment of cardiovascular risk).

§  Development of a training simulator based on an environmental weather forecasting system (Design of a training simulator based on a forecast system using meteorological and environmental data)

§  Future Skills (Creating algorithms for predicting "future skills" based on open data -- skill sets that are important for future markets based on available open data);

§  Implementation of a system for monitoring and predicting road accidents in the cities of the Sverdlovsk region

§  Forecasting the needs of medical organizations for medicines and medical supplies

§  Creating an algorithm for automatic spelling check of "Total dictation" (international)

§  Intelligent algorithm for automated processing of citizens' requests

§  Verifier of digital products availability for people with special need (international)

§  Tourists flow predictive analytics

§  Forecast of dynamics of birth rate and construction of kindergartens

§  The quota service

§  Calculation of the optimal number of transport routes and ranking of transport companies in the region

§  Index of citizens' opinions on spheres of life

§  Development of a training simulator based on an environmental forecasting system (international)

§  Creation of the information system "Balance of labor resources" taking into account the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on industries in the regions

§  Assessment of the effectiveness of measures to support small and medium-sized businesses in the region and many others.

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