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Academic partners on the way to joint research projects

An example of an academic partnership that has gradually developed into a scientific one has been recently realised by the Institute of Mechanics and Power Engineering of Ogarev Mordovia State University.

It bears reminding that since 2016, the Institute has been successfully cooperating with Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (JUST), running the joint master degree program "Heat power engineering and heat- process engineering", program track "Management of energy flows at small power facilities". This year’s intake comprised 18 students. Most of the enrollees (14) are from China. Plans call for 60 per year in the future. According to the program managers, there are all the necessary conditions for this growth: a high-quality teaching staff, good learning milieu, teaching, by the way, is done in English, and upon completion, state-proven diplomas of the Russian Federation and China are issued. The efficacy of the program is also confirmed by career advancement opportunities; graduates are hired as chief engineers by leading enterprises in Russia and China.

An online conference held on November 26, 2020 with colleagues from JUST made it possible to outline new important steps on the way to research projects. This refers to the development of cooling systems for technological equipment: engines, pumps, compressors, etc. Among the features of particular interest aroused by projects of young scientists of Mordovia State University was creation of heat exchangers with a closed thermodynamic cycle and new technologies for energy transportation.

In addition, it is planned to expand cooperation through the creation of joint laboratories, in particular for the development of pulse heat and water supply technologies.

It was also discussed to submit a joint proposal for the grant funded by Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the State Science Foundation of China in December 2020. 

It is worth noting that Mordovia State University strives to maintain research links with other Chinese universities. Among the permanent partners are Wuhan Textile University (Hubei province), Shenyang Institute of Technology (Liaoning province), Huanggang Normal University (Hubei province).

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