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The Enlarged Council Meeting of International University Consortium for Agricultural Engineering (IUCAE) goes online

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The meeting is convened and held online on December 22, 2020, to negotiate the working plan for 2021 of the International University Consortium for Agricultural Engineering (IUCAE).

In his opening speech, The Rector of the University - Sergey M. Vdovin - underscored that the Consortium has given a significant impetus to the development of both bilateral and multilateral relations between its participants and added momentum to the potential of its members: As an open international establishment, the Consortium promotes the exchange of experience and seeks to identify further lines of development in the field of science and education, to enhance the academic level of its participants and the international reputation in agricultural engineering. It is turning into a reliable force for international cooperation and an effective platform for joint activities in the relevant field.

The Member Universities discussed organizational issues as to who, when and where to hold the 2021 IUCAE Annual Conference and the 2nd Sino-foreign Presidents Forum, as well as defined the prospective lines of activity. These are:

- carrying out joint research cooperation, ensuring a breakthrough in key technologies of agricultural machinery and smart agricultural equipment;

- promoting curriculum and textbooks development together with teaching staff and students of Member Universities;

- exploring the organization and participation methods of the 2021 International Student Competition of Innovative Agricultural Equipment;

- constructing bilateral / multilateral joint research centers/laboratories;

- facilitating the exchange of highly qualified teachers.


Sergey M. Vdovin said that in his opinion the Consortium’s strong point was in joint research and implementation of multilateral projects by Universities’ research groups; joint initiatives in the field of education, first of all, the introduction of joint educational programs and schools, the application of new methods and technologies of learning, including those held in the online format and based on digital technologies that seek to improve the quality of education: it is also an imperative to develop academic mobility programs aimed at exchange of best practices in intelligent agricultural engineering. It goes without saying that the future belongs to talent cultivation and the support of young researchers. Therefore, an important direction is to work out methodology for revealing talented students and young scientists and forms of their support.

IUCAE was established on April 29, 2019. Jiangsu University (China) is the Chairman of the Consortium Council, our University was elected a Co-chairman. Today, the Consortium includes 35 universities from 18 countries (China, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Hungary, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Zambia, Egypt, Brazil, Bulgaria, Pakistan).

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