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Winter online school titled "In the world of Russian language and literature" for seniour high school students of the Republic of Uzbekistan ends on an upbeat note

The Faculty of Philology and the International Relations Office of Ogarev Mordovia State University staged an online winter school for seniour high school students of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The partner university was Andijan State University, which served as a gathering point for students from secondary schools No. 2 and No. 30 of Andijan city.

The students got familiar with Mordovia State University and educational programs offered by the Faculty of Philology, attended virtual field trips, spent a virtual day with the 3rd year student of the said Faculty Orazmyrat Eginbaev; in an entertaining way deepened their knowledge of Russian language and literature, taking part in quizzes and quests "Do you Know Russia?", "A connoisseur of Russian language", "Russian speech etiquette", "Inspired by A. Pushkin fairytales", listened to the verses of Russian and Uzbek poets in the performance of students of Philology Faculty from Russia and abroad.


The quiz "In the world of folklore and literature" resonated with the children. Together with associate professor of the Chair of Russian and Foreign Literature Marina Trostina they made the analysis of Russian and Uzbek proverbs, epics, found a lot in common in the literature of both countries, learned new facts about the life and work of Russian prose writers and poets who wrote their works after visiting Uzbekistan.

The participants of the winter school derived enjoyment from immersion into the national realia of the Republic of Mordovia – video excursions and viewing the animated film "Kuygorozh" featuring a mythical character in Moksha and Chuvash mythology which brings wealth to the house.


The students greeted their fellow countryman Murodaly Mukhammadiev, a graduate of secondary school No. 30 in Andijan, get insights on academic studies at the university and plans for the future, together with the teachers conveyed regards from the school where he studied.

The most pleasant moment of the winter school was the awarding stage for participation in the essay competition " I would learn Russian only for the fact that... " and the recitation contest "Artistic Word". The Uzbek students performed Russian verses by A. Pushkin, M. Tsvetaeva, S. Yesenin, E. Asadov, M. Lermontov, A. Blok, works of national poets about Uzbekistan, sang a song with lyrics by V. Vysotsky.




The essay winners are: 

I place – Umirzakov Sumajya

II place – Rakhimova Gulojim

III place – Baltabayeva Inobatoi

The recitation contest winners are:

I place – Rakhimova Gulojim 

II place – Baltabayeva Inobatoi 

III место – Tukhtasunov Saidmurod 

Tukhtasunov Saidmurod shared his impressions of the winter school: "I really enjoyed the atmosphere at your university, a very beautiful university. My brother is studying here. He sent us videos, showed photos. He really likes the teachers and learning at your university. I would also like to pursue my studies at your university."

High school students will receive certificates of completion of the additional learning course "In the world of Russian language and Literature" and gifts from the university.

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