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On entry of international students into the Russian Federation during pandemic

While risks of the spread of a novel coronavirus infection retain and following the circular MR 3.1/2.1.0205-20 «Recommendations for the prevention of a novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in educational institutions of higher education» (amendments No. 2 dated of 11.02.2021) international students arriving from countries with which air flights have already been resumed, must take a PCR COVID-19 test twice: first time - no earlier than three calendar days before arrival in Russian Federation and second - within 72 hours after entry into the Russian Federation.

Medical documents containing evidence of a negative result of PCR Covid-19 tests obtained before and after entering the Russian Federation, may be submitted in one of the languages -Russian or English.

After entry into the Russian Federation and until the release of PCR Covid-19 tests results a student/foreign citizen must go on self-isolation.

Therefore, international students are allowed to attend classes only if they can present two negative PCR COVID-19 tests.

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