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New vistas for Kazakhstan secondary school graduates

The multidisciplinary online workshop "Horizons" held by the University in partnership with the education and training center "Gaudeamus" (Republic of Kazakhstan) from February 5 to 12, 2021 empowered high school senior students of the Republic of Kazakhstan to become the University students.

The days of the winter workshop were eventful, informative and insightful. After attending the Open Day, the learners continued to workshop activities which were broken down between five days of the week. Deans of faculties and Directors of institutes of the University acquainted learners online with committed to their trust academic departments and educational programs, told about the academic trivia, research lines, as well as about extracurricular activities during their would-be studies.

The day of "Recreational Economics" together with the Faculty of Economics treated learners to an exciting intellectual game-quest "Brain battle" where they knew how the name of the most popular currency in the world originated, what happened to the price when there was an oversupply on the market, and much more. The students had the opportunity to make sure that the victory depends on a well-coordinated team and consorted effort of each team member.


The day of "Recreational Physics and Chemistry" followed the day of Economics faculty. The Institute of Physics and Chemistry offered a virtual tour of scientific laboratories, summary information on cooperation with science-intensive, high-tech enterprises and employment opportunities.

Together with the Faculty of Philology learners delved into "The World of Russian language and literature", taking part in quizzes and quests "Do you know Russia?", "The expert of the Russian language", "Russian speaking etiquette", "A.S. Pushkin fairy tales revisited" and even managed to get acquainted with the Mordovian folk song culture, listening to the potpourri of famous songs.


The Institute of Electronics and Lighting Engineering revealed to online learners the "Secrets of Future Technologies", offering a talk in the format of an open lecture about the use of fundamental knowledge in the development of modern technologies, and not only.

The Faculty of Geography finalized the event on Friday providing learners with a unique opportunity to watch the "Planet Earth from space". The students learned what tasks could be solved using aerospace survey, practiced in recognizing various geographical objects from space images.


All learners were awarded certificates of completion of workshop as part of a general enrichment program.

The workshop was designed and developed by the International Relations Office in partnership with faculties and institutes of Ogarev Mordovia State University, the Center for Additional Education of Children titled «Academician Dianov House of Scholarly Collaboration».

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