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Tajik student wins nation-wide award «Student of the Year 2020»

Dzhuraev Validzhon, a student of the Medicine Institute under Ogarev Mordovia State University, became the winner in the nomination "Medical student of the Year" of the Tajik National Award "Student of the Year 2020" (February 5-8, Moscow). Validzhon is also a member of the Student Medical Team "iMedic" and the head of the sector in charge of international students of the Combined Student Senate of the University. He actively participates in discussion groups and easily fosters communication between two other parties.

The contest was held by the Regional Public Organization "Youth Society of Tajikistan Students" among compatriots-students studying in Russian universities. The most eligible representatives of the Tajik community who attained achievement in education, science, extracurricular activities or sports were admitted to competition.

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