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Codemasters International awards the University Students

Codemasters International, an international company that develops software and a platform for creating and promoting websites, has recently announced the names of the best learners of the School of Developers. This is one of the company's ongoing educational projects, which paves the way for novice IT specialists who are eager to enter commercial development. Among the winners are four students of Mordovia State University, who study programming languages and automated testing at the above School.

To recap: teaching at the School has begun in the autumn. During all this time, students attended laboratory classes, studied theory taught by experienced developers and testers of the company. In the second semester, the management of the School decided to support the best learners by awarding them a scholarship of 5,000 rubles for the remaining period of study, which will last for another three months.

"Scholarships granted by companies and enterprises are a habitual thing. Any student will say with confidence that this is an additional incentive to do even better. We want to implement this experience in our School of Developers as well. I think it would be quite fair to support those learners who worked hard in the first semester, combining classes with the University curriculum. After all, they have put a lot of effort into this," explained Alexander Koval, President of Codemasters International.

This incentive will retain and be available for future enrollees of the School. Pre-registration for the new intake will begin this spring on the website The classes commence as always in the autumn.

Also in the autumn, Codemasters International would like to invite all students to check their knowledge at the Republican programming tournament - Saransk Code Cup, which is organized together with Ogarev Mordovia State University.

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