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University students qualify for the semifinals of the International Competition «PolitPRpro 2021»

The team of Mordovia State University takes part in the International Competition in the field of political communications PolitPRpro 2021. The competition is organized by the Student Section of the Northwestern Branch of Russian Association for Public Relations (RAPR) and the Higher School of Journalism and Mass Communications under St. Petersburg State University.

PolitPRpro grants students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in solving crisis cases, get feedback from consummate professionals in the field of PR and GR, as well as make new acquaintances with students from different parts of Russia and neighboring countries. Experts get the opportunity to share their experience with young PR specialists.

The selection embraced 138 student teams from 34 cities of Russia and 5 cities of neighboring countries - Belarus, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Poland and Ukraine. Following the results of the first stage, where students presented to the jury the solution of cases aimed at working out a political PR campaign, the team of Mordovia State University entered the top ten, securing its presence in the semifinals.

All representatives of the University team are students of the degree program "Political Science"

·         Khudoyarov Shakirjan Sheripovich (captain)

·         Rybin Oleg Sergeevich

·         Mikhaleva Anna Alekseevna

·         Ushkina Valentina Gennadyevna

·         Grishina Alla Igorevna 

The team is headed by the coach - Irina G. Napalkova, PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Chair of World History, Political Science and Regional Studies of History and Sociology Institute under Ogarev Mordovia State University.

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