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November 20 through December 4 Mordovia State University hosted the 3rd stage of the visiting International scientific expedition «Tradition and ritual culture of the Mordovian people». The agenda for the expedition was a joint initiative by the research laboratory of the Finno-Ugric Culture, Institute of National and Folk Culture of N.P.Ogarev Mordovia State University and the Department of Finno-Ugric Studies, Lorand Eötvös University (Budapest, Hungary).

JEP TEMPUS «Metamath», an smart abbreviation for Modern Educational Technologies for Math Curricula in Engineering, launched in March 2014, undertakes to improve the quality of teaching mathematics in engineering disciplines, using STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics instruments.


In the framework of the JEP TEMPUS "Enhancement of Russian creative education: new Master program in Digital Arts in line with EU standards [ENMDA] teaching staff from Ogarev Mordovia State University and Teesside University (Middlesbrough) are working to develop a curriculum and syllabi for dual degree programme. The purpose of the visit of Mordovian scholars to Teesside University was to coordinate the development of the above academic instruments. The Chair of Design and Advertising commissioned two its members Yulia Goryunova and Roman Piskunov. During the 10-day stay, they also studied the experience of teaching master programmes at Teesside University.

On 25 - 26 October Beijing (People's Republic of China) hosted the 14th international educational exhibition China Education Expo 2014 under the patronage of the Chinese Educational Association for International Exchange (CEAIE). The exhibition was attended by more than 300 universities from 46 countries. Mordovia State University joined the Russian delegation, which was composed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.


On 7 October N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University opened the VIII international (XIX Nation-wide) conference on automated electric drive. The conference organisers are a National research university - Mordovia State University (Faculty of electronic engineering), Academy of electrotechnical Sciences of the Russian Federation, Association of electric drive engineers, National research university - Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.


On 2 October Mordovia State University and Institute of National and Folk Culture welcomed at home representatives of kindred nations - Finnish scholars Pekka Huttu-Hiltunen, Director of Runosong Academy (Kuhmo, Finland) and Maari Kallberg. Guests met the leadership of Mordovia State University - President of the University, Vice-Rectors, deputy heads of departments in charge of music and choral singing to discuss and sign an agreement on cooperation.
In his welcome speech, President of the University Nikolay P. Makarkin has emphasised the significance of the visit reminding to all in attendance that Finno-Ugric studies is one of the key strength of the University science and is one of the priority research fields ensuring the University’s world image.


Ogarev Mordovia State University have joined the group of Russian universities which provide instruction in English in certain academic courses. On 15 September Institute of Medicine announced the commencement of studies in the course on «General Medicine».
First 60 applicants from India and Iraq have challenged the University’s teaching staff who had developed this programme’s teaching materials in line with specific requirements. Curriculum and courses’ syllabi have been profoundly revised to provide learning opportunities that introduce, develop and reinforce academic and technical knowledge, skills and attitudes required for job acquisition, retention and advancement.


A group of enthusiastic students from N. P. Ogarev Mordovia State University will continue the study of the Chinese language in the summer school hosted by Wuhan Textile University, China from 4 through 20 of August.

During their stay in China students are supposed to further their knowledge of the Chinese language interacting with peer students from Wuhan Textile University. Summer school is a reward to students who have studied Chinese during the academic year here at Mordovia State University. The trip was inspired by the teacher of Chinese from Wuhan Textile University invited to Saransk as a cultural exchange visitor in September 2013.


On July 9, Indian students from Penza State University specialising in General Medicine attended N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University.
Driven by desire to compare and contrast Indian students flooded the local community of international students with questions about everyday life at student hostels, academic studies, how one can observe national traditions, how to celebrate holidays, etc. Then the guests went on an excursion to Saransk sights.


The international conference «The Development of the EU Eastern Partnership Cooperation from Capacity to Excellence: Strengthening Research, Regional and Innovation Policy in the Context of Horizon 2020» was organised by Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence of the University of Latvia, and was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia and the European Commission. The Conference took place in Riga and Jūrmala on June 11-13, 2014. Mordovia State University was represented by the Dean of the Law faculty – Yulia N. Sushkova.


«Expert RA» rating agency drafted the third annual Russian higher school rating on the initiative and with support of Oleg Deripaska’s ‘Freedom Cause’ Foundation.
Higher school rating by ‘Expert RA’ reflects the integral assessment of the quality of training of higher school graduates, which is determined by the statistic parameters of educational, research and development activities of higher schools and the qualitative features representing the opinion of key reference groups: employers, representatives of the academic and scientific community, higher school students and graduates.


European Biotechnology Congress 2014 was organized by European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association and the Unversita Del Salento between 15 – 18 May 2014. Among scholars from Russia invited to attend this scientific event was a group of researchers from Mordovian Centre for Biotechnologies, Faculty of Biotechnology and Biology of Ogarev Mordovia State University: Viktor Revin, Dean of Faculty of Biotechnology and Biology, seniour lecturers from Chair of Biotechnology Elena Liyaskina, Nelly Atykyan, Svetlana Ibragimova.


For two days, 3 - 4 May, Taicang (China), has arrested attention of race walking fans where they kept track of IAAF World Race Walking Cup.
After a bronze and silver medal at the past two IAAF World Championships, Anisya Kirdyapkina, a Master’s degree student of Mordovia State University, finally climbed to the top of the podium at the 2014 IAAF World Race Walking Cup.


On 30th of April Mordovia State University held the first Science Slam - a scientific talk where scientists present their own scientific research work in a given time frame in front of a non-expert audience. The focus lies on teaching current science to a diverse audience in an entertaining way. A science slam is a form of science communication, a relatively new project aimed at furtherance of science appeal among a wider public.


On the 3rd of March Mrs.Liu Hui - a teacher of Chinese language from Wuhan Textile University, hired by the Chair of English language for professional communication of N. P. Ogarev Mordovia State University was invited to the opening ceremony of the exhibition «Chinese Ritual and Music - A special Exhibition of Shang and Zhou Bronze Ware in the collection of Hubei Provincial Museum held at A. S. Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. For the inaugural exhibition, Hubei Provincial Museum, that is among the top ten best museums in China, selected over 116 pieces of exhibits of a very unique Chinese culture, which were created during the reign of the Shang (1600 - 1050 BC) and Zhou (1050 - 256 BC) Dynasty and characterised the Bronze Age. Liu Hui has been working as a volunteer for this Museum for 10 years and currently passes her knowledge and love of Chinese culture to the University teaching staff and students. The exhibition closes on 10th of April, 2014, do not miss the opportunity to behold one of the most ancient civilisations in the world!

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