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Today at 15.00 hrs, Mordovia State University is offering a live coverage of the plenary meeting from the Palace of Culture and Arts, a venue for the international conference “Mordovian people in the history and culture of a multinational Russian Federation.” To view, go to


Senate’s meeting held 29 May, discussed the Programme to shape and advance the values of a healthy lifestyle among students and staff. The content of the Programme was voiced by Vice-Rector for extracurricular activities Marina M. Martynova, chief medical officer Natalia А. Kosterina, head of therapeutics department of the student polyclinic № 8 Tatyana B. Dronova. 

Admission rules approved by the Senate of Mordovia State University January 31, 2012.  


On 15th of January Ogarev Mordovia State University welcomed the first international scholar - Sergio Mas Diaz, PhD in humanities from University of Barcelona (Spain).


At the end of October official delegation representing the Republic of Mordovia attended the International Conference of Finno-Ugric people held in Värska (Verska) in southeastern Estonia. Dean of the Law Faculty, Ogarev Mordovia State University - Yulia N. Sushkova was part of delegation.

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