Pre-University tutorials
Pre-University tutorials for foreign citizens

Pre-University tutorials department

Pre-University tutorials department offers preparatory courses for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship to be able to further apply for degree programs in Russian.

Academic profiles taught are:

  • Natural science (Russian language, mathematics, physics and chemistry);
  • Engineering and technology (Russian language, mathematics, physics and computer science);
  • Humanities (Russian language, social studies, history and literature);
  • Economics (Russian language, social studies, history and mathematics);
  • Medicine and biology (Russian language, chemistry, biology and physics).

Academic studies

Students learn Russian, as well as general education subjects to be able to apply for a degree program in Russian. The Russian language course is a major part of the preparatory courses curriculum.

Classes in Russian give a unique opportunity for foreign students to lay a solid foundation in Russian grammar and acquire oral and written language skills, as well as to compartmentalize knowledge in subjects of the chosen academic profile.

Prior to classes, learners are tested as to determine the level of Russian language proficiency and be put in the appropriate group within the five language levels - from elementary to advanced. All Russian language programs are studied in a fast-paced learning mode.

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the educational process and primarily aimed at introducing a learner to the culture of the host country. This is done by getting learners involved in competitions, academic Olympics, cultural, sports and other events held at the University.

Additional educational program for learning the Russian language «Russian Language and Literature»

This program is intended for foreign citizens who want to learn Russian for personal or professional purposes. Upon completion of the program, all students receive certificates indicating the disciplines studied and the amount of academic load. All necessary training materials are provided.

Foreign citizens can apply for training by independently creating a Personal Account in the electronic information and educational environment of the University (EIOS - personal account)

The deadline for accepting documents is May 25

The training period is 3.5 months.

Certificate of completion

After completion of their studies and successful passing of the examinations at the Pre-University Tutorials Department, foreign citizens are issued a certificate of completion of the course.

Pre-University tutorials for foreign citizens