About us

The leading classical university of Russia with a 90-year history. Throughout its existence, it has rightfully earned the title of a region’s center of education, science and culture.

The cornerstone of the University scientific and innovative development is a wide range of fundamental and applied research efforts, the availability of a highly effective system of higher learning encompassing all levels of higher education: bachelor degree, 5/6 year specialist diplomas in medicine and civil engineering, master degree, postgraduate studies and clinical residency, a developed system of retraining, continuing education and qualification improvement programmes.

Ogarev Mordovia State University boasts 18000 learners from 71 regions of Russia and 50 countries across the world, 295 degree programmes in natural sciences, engineering and humanities, 127 laboratories and research centres, including 3 resource sharing centres.

Ogarev Mordovia State University offers tuition at all levels of higher education and is also active in the fields of secondary vocational education and general secondary education;

– individual educational trajectory allows a learner to capture not only basic academic specialism, but also acquire additional competencies in adjacent fields of knowledge;

– the mechanism of project-based learning seeks the formation of entrepreneurial thinking;

– the University invests in joint education through international double degree programmes;

– A number of programmes is taught in English.

The University is an amalgam of science and education which allows, along with teaching, to pursue fundamental and applied research.

Ogarev Mordovia State University builds up digital infrastructure that connects all academic buildings and dormitories and provides broadband Internet access, including WiFi. The main processes related to learning, research, innovation and administrative activities are mediated by the Electronic Information and Education Environment (EIEE), which can be accessed even through mobile application.