The Faculty of Philology, which was formed in 1931, is a research and education centre administering to the needs of secondary schools, higher education institutions, mass media outlets of the Republic of Mordovia. At different times famous nationwide and internationally acclaimed scholars such as M.M. Bakhtin, S.S. Konkin, I.D. Voronin, V.V. Gorbunov, P.S. Shishkanov, I.G. Cherapkin and some others taught their courses here.
Apart fr om bachelor and master degree programmes the Faculty offers some courses of further/continuing education.

Resources and facilities

The Faculty boasts a research laboratory titled "Finno-Ugric studies", 15 student research associations (groups), pursuing fundamental and applied research into topical issues of Finno-Ugric studies, Slavistics, Journalism. There is a recently formed school of thought/research group dealing with "Topical issues of Finno-Ugric linguistics”. The Department of Journalism has firm links with the affiliated branch of the State Television and Radio broadcasting company "Mordovia".
Learners enrolled with the Faculty of Philology have access to periodicals, modern information databases that provide a fast retrieving of information and its sharing with domestic and foreign universities, institutions and organisations.
The Faculty’s departments have adequate resources to guarantee a high standard of learning and research efforts within and beyond the educational programmes foreseen by the curriculum.
Classrooms are equipped with modern equipment and software. In all buildings wh ere the learning takes place, it is possible to connect mobile wearables and portable computers via a Wi-Fi into the University's local network.


The Faculty maintains scientific and educational ties with universities in Serbia, Hungary, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. One bachelor degree programme in Philology, programme track "Domestic philology (Teaching Russian as a foreign language)" is taught together with Babur Andijan State University (Uzbekistan).

There are 3 scholar schools (research groups) at the Faculty of Philology:

There is a Higher Doctorate Dissertation Board D 212.117.09 in such specialisms as Russian literature and literature of the peoples of the Russian Federation, Russian language. Languages of Russia’s people.