As of today, there are about 800 intramural and extramural undergraduate and postgraduates students pursuing studies at the Agriculture Institute. The Institute offers: bachelor degree, master degree, specialist diploma (5-year curriculum), PhD and Higher doctorate programmes.

The Institute owns some highly qualified staff: out of 38 lecturers – 14 are holders of Higher doctorate degree in agricultural sciences, and 24 holders of PhD degree.

Graduates of the Agriculture Institute mainly find employment in Mordovia but many move to adjacent regions across the Russian Federation and far beyond, not only as teaching staff, but also as managers of agricultural manufactures, academic and research institutes staff, governmental officers.

Apart from agricultural enterprises, graduates can be employed by veterinary clinics (as a veterinary physician), are able to work with drones to compile and analyse field maps (agronomist), to optimise feeding rations and deal with animal breeding using digital technologies (zootechnician (animal technician)), to develop recipes and technology for the production of meat and dairy products, including those with given properties (technologist).

Resources and facilities

The Institute has all the required facilities to ensure a comprehensive learning and the graduation of qualified specialists. Apart from laboratories and lecture halls, there are 2 computer classes and an agro-industrial digitalisation class, a veterinary hospital, a soil science museum, anatomy and anatomic pathology museums, its own specialised library and a reading hall, a sports hall with a gym, an events hall, its own dormitory.

Curricular practical training

Students are assigned to practical training to the best agricultural enterprises in the Republic of Mordovia and other regions of the country. Many postgraduate students and university professors are engaged in R&D efforts.


The Institute does everything possible to foster links with agriculture manufacturing entities, universities, research institutes in Russia and far beyond. Strong ties are kept with the flagships of higher agricultural education in Russia:

  • K.A. Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academy,
  • K.I. Scriabin Moscow Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology;

Leading research institutes:

  • D.N. Pryanishnikov Nationwide Research Institute of Agrochemistry,
  • L.K. Ernst Federal Research Centre for Animal Husbandry;
  • the Nationwide Research Institute of Animal Husbandry,
  • the Nationwide Research Institute of Animal Breeding,
  • the Nationwide Research Institute of Physiology, Biochemistry and Feeding of Farm Livestock and many other universities and research institutes in Russia and abroad.

The Institute offers a number of PhD and Higher doctorate programmes in agricultural specialisations. 

430905, Saransk, r.p. Yalga, st. Russian, 37